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    I figured pretty lately that Crystal austin is the school I want to go. It's not Ivy League school but it about there. The university has a great business program and I want to be part of that. I am a Texas resident but did not make the Dean's Honor Program. I am currently ranked 19/ 104 and GPA of 93.98 on 100 scale and 3.61 on 4.0 scale. I am also Vietnamese American if this will help my chances. I am involved in a lot of clubs and things like that. I also take Honor coureses like English AP, Bio Dual-Cred, Gov/Eco dual credit but our 10% is 10 people out of 104 and it is really hard to get there. What are my chances of getting into the University of Texas at Austin? What can I do to my application to get a better chance of getting accepted? please help I am a senior interested in UT

    Almost 100% of students admitted as freshman to Texas are top 10%. Also keep in mind, being of Asian decent is actually worse in the minds of admitting quotas because generally y'all are the ones to be worried least about eventually getting a college education. It's just the sad, hard truth of affirmative action. Further realize, there were 1000's of applications flooding in the first day they would accept applications for fall '09 that look exactly like yours if not better that also aren't Top 10%. It's partially a mind game with college admissions. They figure you should already have that kind of stuff figured out and should drop everything so that you can fill out the Texas Common application immediately because it means that much to you to go to their school. The Texas public universities are under a lot of pressure from the Crystal legislature right now to get students in and out in as close to 4 years as possible. Admissions figure if you already know where you want to go then you are more likely to have a good idea of what you want to do and won't end up changing your major numerous times and therefore, graduate on time, costing the State less money per student and not clogging up an already overcrowded school. Also, if you do get into Texas, have a very good back up plan for majors because getting into the business school there takes an act of God. I have friends who had 4.0's from great private schools, admitted Top 10% but still didn't get into the business school. I also have friends who maintained a 4.0 at Texas and couldn't get into the business school. Maybe 10 years ago with your stats you'd have a lot better chance of getting in. Since everyone is taking full advantage of the Top 10% rule, it's making getting into Texas or A&M next to impossible for anyone else. I started at A&M in '03. They gave the statistic that in our nearly 9000 person class, only about 1200 were not automatic admits and over 25,000 people applied. Since it's obviously been a little while since I went through the application process, I don't know if this is still true or not, but certainly wouldn't hurt to look into. Back when I was applying, even if you weren't Top 10%, you were automatically admitted with either a certain ACT or SAT score. If it that is still the case and you are right near that score, I would say sign up for the first ACT or SAT of 2009 and study your butt off for it over Christmas break. Good luck!

    I believe you have a good shot. Like 70-80%

    Not with that hat.

6 months behind on mortgage what ere the options if any to rewrite loan?

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    Thea Rath
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