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    I hope not. Why should government employees and union members be exempt from the problems of the economy? They just want all the private sector people to take the hit. Screw them.

    Okay, try to imagine that you live in a building that has been neglected for over eight years while the money to maintain it was spent to send the children of some of the poorer tenants to the people in the next town east of the building to destroy their house because kids from another town stole one of the cars in front of your building and drove it into the building. Now, over those years the rent money wasn't enough so the management of the building borrowed a lot more to pay to send the kids to the town to the east. Apparently it was a lot harder to knock down the house than the management thought. While that was going on the wood trim starts to peel, the plumbing is having problems but the building manager tells all the tenants that we must stay the course and not worry about the building because more kids from the town in the East could come and try and hurt the building. Meanwhile kids living in the building are vandalizing the building doing more damage. Then all of sudden, at the same time, the plumbing fails, the electric wiring burns out, the sewer system clogs, and serious cracks open up in the foundation. Cracks so serious that building could collapse if something isn't done right away. So while all these problems come to light the building manager quits and a new building manager takes over. When he takes over he calls in a plumber, an electrician, an engineer, a mason, and consultants to repair and make life better in the building. Well they all look at the problems of the building and reported back that the building was in really rough shape. Many problems went unaddressed and festered to a point where failures were imminent. Each tradesman made it really clear that it would cost A LOT to fix these problems but if the building manager waited it would A LOT MORE so the building manager went to the tenants and told what it would take to save the building. Oddly enough some tenants didn't want to pay the price thinking the building would fix itself. Other tenants were afraid that while all this work was going on the kids from the other towns would come after all people from all the surrounding towns hated the people in the building. So do what is hard to accept is that the tenants can pay $10 Trillion now to fix the foundation, replace the bad pipes, rewire the building, and unclog the sewer, or $30 Trillion to build a whole new building a few years down the road. What makes more sense? We're spending the money no matter what the question is how much. Obama can do it, or the next guy, if he is sincere about solving problems.

    I hope somebody helps, seems fair. My taxes had to pay for Chrysler, I don't agree with any of the Bail outs, but if they get some why not us. Thing is they should just give the money to California Tax payers, to spend into the california economy, because if they give it to Sacramento we'll never see it again. Hopefully some money goes to school teachers, I'm not much for unions but the teachers are Teachers, Policemen, Psychiatrist, and Mom. They are teaching 50 kids per period, that are smart Alec, into gangs, some with learning problems, home problems. Plus they have to deal with their own personal lives in a recession.

    Oh, probably he will. That's a built in constituency. Democrats always get the union vote. They still put themselves out there as the party of the working man. What a load of crap.

    Our elected leaders are bought and paid for by the unions. When the legislature FINALLY did something right by cutting a wasteful program, the unions went crying to Barry and of course he bailed them out. Duluth won't get stimulus money if Duluth cuts the union program.

    I do not think obama has the right--nor the desire-- to tell the states which employees to terminate, union or otherwise. Your "question" is quite vague in that you fail to identify which "union employees" you are talking about, and what "problem" needs "fixing".

    When a business becomes inefficient and sloppy it should be ALLOWED to fail. Sorry but I'm sick of being forced to pay for bailouts on my dollar.

    Whatever Barack Obama does,will be decided upon by the cabal of Financial Psychopaths who ensured that he was elected,not Barack Obama.

    I hope not - the bureacrats should all be let go - start fresh Google SEIU and O and California "hardballed about stimulus mone" - you will find your answer there

    I''m just answering this question so I hope it will go away from the top of my screen.

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