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    I am looking into getting into an export business from overseas, with my base being in California. My questions: 1. Do you need a reseller's permit if the goods you purchase are made overseas? In other words, I wouldn't be buying the goods from a wholesale party in the USA. 2. If the business is located outside of the USA and the items are shipped from outside the USA, would I still have to gather sales tax? All of the transactions with customers would be coming from another country. Most (if not all) of the transactions would be done via the internet (eBay, etc.) As I want to make the business legal, I just want to make sure I am doing the right things (the Grand Rapids site wasn't overly clear; I understand having to file for a Business Tax License in my area as a sole proprietor). Thanks!

    Yes perhaps, depending on the state. mass ca tx ny are real butholes to deal with and they will make it as difficult for yiou as possible if they think they can get you to pay/collect taxes to them. my experience with the state of ca....they are just afu, don't care a bit about you, logic, intelligent thought, if they think you owe them money, you are sol, because they get ugly in a hurry, and there is nothing you can do but pay, or pay more for an attorney. if you can do business in ar or nv, do so. get a pob in one of those states, and send all business mail there, then have it forwarded to you by a private forwarder. if you have no trucks or traffic to speak of, it will be difficult to get busted. good luck

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Can I take out a loan under my business without my personal credit being checked?

  • Amani Sanford
    Amani Sanford
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    Norma Kirlin
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    Summer Kulas
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    Yasmeen Waters
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    Stephon Stamm
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