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    Okay, from my understanding the Hastings Dream Act that Gov. Brown signed allows anyone, citizen or not, to be eligible for public and private financial aid as long as they complete at least 3 years of high school and graduate. While I think this is unfair to U.S. citizens already, what about students from other countries? Is it not unfair to them also? They work as hard, if not harder than students here. They've come here legally and must spend more money. So why are they not eligible for the same financial aid as everyone else? Basically, I want to know if international students get any financial aid from the U.S. government. (Do they?) What's the difference between an international student and an illegal one? **I'm ignoring the theoretical costs. I just want opinions on the FAIRNESS of all this. My thinking is, both are non-citizens and if one gets financial aid, why not the other. I'm not an international student, nor an undocumented student, just a curious high school senior. :)

    @ John S. - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Act allows undocumented students to receive Cal Grants, which are "....are funded by the State of California with a small portion of funding from the Federal Government through the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program (LEAP)." Is that not from the U.S. Government? And they can receive only competitive Cal Grants after all citizens have received theirs; however, there are still Entitlement Cal Grants, yes? "A student who is exempt from paying nonresident tuition under Section 68130.5 shall not be eligible for Competitive Cal Grant A and B Awards unless funding remains available after all California students not exempt pursuant to Section 68130.5 have received Competitive Cal Grant A and B Awards that they are eligible for." It's not like California has a bunch of extra money sitting around. @Anti Censorship - I agree that it is quite unjust to those who have come here legally, to those waiting in line, and those co

    ...oming here to study as an international student, who pays a hell of a lot more. I mean you cut to the front and get rewarded? I think that this just gives another reason for people to disregard U.S. law and enter in illegally. @ Michael J - Thanks for answering my question, but I think that's a bit sad. It seems residency matters more than citizenship. What is citizenship worth then? If Hastings allowing financial aid eligibility for all people I think it's a bit discriminating to only allow residents. They can help pay for the education of citizens of other countries, but only if they've been living in the country already, illegally I might add?

    First, the California Dream Act has nothing to do with financial aid from the US Government. You have stated the requirement for financial aid in California correctly. A resident of California is eligible, and a non-resident who has attended a California high school for three years is eligible. Citizenship is simply not an issue, so this applies equally to undocumented AND documented students with foreign citizenship. (You should be aware that this is just a recommendation to the University of California, since the Legislature does not control their policies, but they will probably adopt the same rule.) There is no impact upon US citizens, since funds are made available to non-citizens only if there is funding available after all citizens have received grants. There is no impact upon the budget, because there is no increased grant funding.

    You still have to be a *resident* of California in order to get state financial aid, and meet the same Cal Grant academic requirements for "merit and need" that any other resident of California would have to. International students almost never get financial aid from the U.S. government, because they aren't residents of the U.S. "Illegal" students aren't citizens, but they are residents.

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    You don't get jack squat if you're in the US legally, thats one of the main reasons I'm against any concessions to illegals. LEGAL immigrants have jump through all these hoops just to come to the US and have to jump through even more to stay here, and its not as if these people are millionaires either. Many of them come from the same exact situations as illegals do, difference is illegals get most of the sympathy. Any concession to an illegal is a giant slap in the face to any LEGAL immigrant that had to wait for YEARS to be able to finally live, work or study in the US.

Is a co-signer needed for auto loans if you're putting the title up for collateral?

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