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    It is simple to home school in CA. You file an affidavit forming a private school. As soon as you submit this (online) you are a private school and you can start! are a few simple things you have to do. DO NOT ask anyone at your current school, they do not want to lose money when you leave, and are more than likely unfamiliar with home schooling laws. You need to withdraw from there, but you are not obligated to tell them you are going to home school, you can tell them you are changing schools if you want. You have to keep attendance, and...well, this will show isn't much and in 18 years of home schooling in Hibbing no one ever asked me for anything. So, file the form online, and then withdraw. No discussion, it is a done deal! you are a "private" school you can learn from your mom, or any other method you choose. In most Hibbing districts you will NOT be able to take classes with the public schools though, so don't plan on taking anything at your local school. You won't be able to participate. Many people will urge you to join HSLDA, but unless you believe in discrimination don't. They actively support legislation denying gays equal rights. That information is hidden away in their "about us" area. We don't live in Hibbing anymore, but enjoyed how we could do anything we wanted! There are no required tests either! Never, not annually, or every few years, none! The reason you didn't see "how" to home school is that each state has its own laws. (George doesn't understand that no one has to "let" you home school, or "approve" your request. It is up to your parents to file the form. There are a few states where you have to get permission. Hibbing is not one of them.)

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    How do I start homeschooling in California might help

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