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    So I run the shop wild daisy (google it) and I recently just moved to california and to a private school and it sucks and i literally have no friends and no one is really friendly and they already have their groups. My business webstore is already registered as an S-corp and i pay taxes and all that great stuff. I've been doing it for about a year now. I make 1.5k-3k a day. Even if I made only $1000 a day (I haven't hit that low in a couple of months though, but if i did make just 1k a day that's still 365,000$ a year!) want to expand it and I have my manufacturers and supplies making my products for me that I sell, and i want to this this when i'm older as well. I want to open up stores all over the world. I just think that school is a waste of time and I'm so miserable in it. I don't need you to tell me to try harder and be social, just please answer my question above..I mean I'm going to be doing my store which will become a physical store in the future when I'm older and have more money to invest. My private school is 30,000$ a year and then if i were to go to collage, the total would be a pretty big price and after I graduated, I'd still be doing what I'm doing right now, at the age of 14. What should I do..I'm so sad and I cry every night and I feel like the only thing in my life that's worth something is my business.

    I'd finish school. It may seem like a waste of time but there's a lot to learn before going into the real world. Just because you have the money, doesn't make you ready. Not sure if your private school has this but try talking to your guidance counselor about getting into classes that will help further educate you about running a business.

    I'd finish school if I were you. Sure, you make tons of money through your business, but that doesn't mean that you have the proper education to run a large chain of stores. In order to grow your business you'll have to learn so many things about money and all that good and sucky stuff, and these things you learn at school. The social part may suck, and trust me when I say this, I know how it feels and how horrifying it is, but school isn't for socializing. If you have a good business running then of course you want it to grow, but it takes a lot of maturity and education and time to put into. Also, having no social life is good if you want to focus on creating your stores, there are less people to distract you from what really matters. So no matter how upsetting all that is, don't just cry about it! Seriously, you're a successful 14 year old girl who already has a started career in business! But you need to mature, tons. Maturity means being able to stand on your own, but maturity also means being kind to other people. (How you formed your message was a little bit rude) I hope that you will pursue your dream though! Good luck, and don't waste your time and tears on people that don't matter. Trust me, it's never worth it.

    There is no good or bad answer to this. Sir Richard Branson dropped out at 16 and he says: 'universities can play an "absolutely invaluable" role in providing mentors for young entrepreneurs' I can only fully agree with it, a good university worth thousand times more than the material you learn. It will give You a melting pot of same calibre people, mental stimulation and if You are lucky friendships forever. On the other hand, in the same interview ha says: 'some young people who are "really entrepreneurially minded" and have a good idea, "there is an argument that those people should just get out into the real world and give it a go"' You are seemingly one of them, so it is really up to You. School is like Disneyland: Might be interesting when You are older as well, but it is really magnificent when You are in that age... Good luck!

    Ggogle it. (lol). I agree with Meghan. You still have a lot to learn, and better to learn it in school than in the school of hard knocks. {Why did your parents move to Hutchinson and put you in this school? They must have thought there would be some benefit to you.} P S Do you gross or clear $1,000 a day??

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  • Matilda Volkman
    Matilda Volkman
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    Eric Shanahan
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    Ophelia O'Conner
  • Leora Sipes
    Leora Sipes
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    Dane Pacocha
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