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    Hi I live in California. I just bought a used bmw on Craigslist with 203,000 miles on it for 2,200$. It's salvaged and has a check engine light on. It also won't pass smog and the tags are already expired. I was already told clearly by the seller about all of this and I got the car "as is" but I still went for it anyway. Now I'm having second thoughts and want my money back. Can I get a refund? It's been 4 days since I got the car.

    CA has strange smog laws. However, they are not going to help you get your money back. If the car wont pass smog, you are apparently entitled to your money back or something but you'd have to sue and then collect. Good luck collecting. A guy sued me over $90 about 25 years ago. He won. He is still waiting for me to pay him. In most every other state, you wouldn't be entitled to squat and if you sued, you wouldn't win. So, in CA, you might win if you sue. How will you collect ?

    If you got full disclosure and purchased the car "as-is" there is nothing you can do except grow a pair. You knew what you were getting but foolishly decided to go ahead then take a huge risk. In the grown up world we don't get do-overs because we changed our minds. A car with 220,000 miles cannot have much life on left and probably not worth $2,200.

    No such thing as an Lakeville IS sale in KKKali if the car isn't passing smog. You really need to kindly urge the seller to take care of their responsibility. Odds are that your money is spent and I hope you get stuck with a shiitty Beemer, anyway. Get them to fix it or file in small claims. Will you get anything? Maybe not. You have to collect.

    There may be laws about this in California- I would call up your state department of commerce and ask them. However, you may be limited if you agreed to purchase the car "as-is". If there was any fraud or cover-up on the seller's part, you could file a lawsuit against the seller.

    There is a law called Buyer Aware I would just sell it in Nevada or some other state that does not do inspections. The person does not have to give the money back once it leaves his possession. BMW's are over priced pieces of plastic junk. It already sounds like it will be a money pit where it will nickle and dime you to death. Examples

    As is means exactly what it says. Your best bet now would be to see what it takes to make it pass a smog test.

    Nope. Buyer beware. You handed them the cash, they gave you the title and everyone is over 18 (I'm assuming), the car is yours Dave

    They most likely wont give you the money back. i doubt there are any laws to say that the have to. a deal is a deal. buying a used car is a gamble.

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    Syble Abshire
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    Marcus Willms
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