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    I am planning a summer long trip across the west by hitching and backpacking. At the end, I want to be in California (maybe Colorado) where I want to purchase a motorcycle from a private dealer and drive it back across the country back to Massachusetts. How exactly does this work with registration, insurance, etc?

    Soundra, thank you as well, I've been checking Progressive. I appreciate the tip. However, hitching is a rather safe way to make it around the West. I've been doing it by choice leisurely every summer the past four years. Never felt unsafe after hundreds of rides. The world needs a little more trust in people :)

    I would put a copy of your state's registration form in an envelope. When you buy your bike, fill out the form and mail it in. Get a photocopy of the completed paperwork at the local library or someplace to keep with you. Bring along a "license applied for" plate and screw it on the back. As soon as you buy the bike, call Progressive or some other insurance company and have them get you a policy. Be sure you have enough money on a credit or debit card to pay for the policy. It's really no different at all from buying a motorcycle in your own state. By the time you get home, your plates should be there. If you are planning a much longer trip, you can have someone fedex the plates somewhere as soon as they show up. Another thing you could do is ask the seller to leave the plates on the bike so you are less likely to get pulled over on the ride home.

    Hitchhiking is a bad idea now adays. In many areas such as Utah it is even illegal. It is better to use greyhound or amtrak for your travel to California. When you get to california or Colorado be sure to get a motorcycle that is fuel injected. Part of I-70 that passes through colorado exceeds 10,000 ft. It you purchase a carburated bike near sea level in california and take it to colorado it won't run right. Will become difficult to start and will get poor gas mileage. Fuel injected will adjust automatically to elevation and octane differences for best power and fuel economy. I would Suggest the Suzuki Boulivard M or C 50 as 805 cc will give you sufficient power and great fuel economy while having shaft drive for reliability. You can purchase your insureance through and the dealer should be able to help you purchase the insureance. Before you purchase any insureance get a free quote first so you know how much it will cost. If you have a phone that has internet and you have a credit card you could purchase the insureance at any location. The only issue would be printing proof of insureance from a phone. The dealer you purchase the bike from will also have their house insurance that they will try to get you to purchase. This would also be fine to purchase 30 days worth of insurance when you purchase the bike. This way you will also have instant proof of insurance in case you get pulled over. But, seriously don't hitch hike. You can have a memorable vacation using trains and busses without the hazards of hitchhiking. With registration they can give you a 30 day tag. Then, when you get home you can get a permanent tag. This is normal procedure whether you buy localy or not.

    Thats pretty easy find a local agent you are going to use for motorcycle insurance and take the number with you. You have a lot better chance of gettting a motorcycle out of southern california or even the San Francisco Bay Area, than you ever will out of that ice box in colorado. (colorado does not have the winter that suppports motorcycle riding that califronia does, most parts of Mankato you can ride year round. Look for a bike owned by some older retired guy, you will get a better bike thats had some good care. Since you are Riding the bike back to your how state you have 30 days, give or take to get across country to Mass. and register the bike to you there. Any time you buy a vehicle from out of state its ok to drive it home, just make sure you have the registration and title your license any paperwork with the bike and current insurance.And if you need to explain anything you are taking it home to register it. Some states like nevada, are not real partial to biker clubs, so do what you need to do and get on down the road, dont be messin around some hillbilly hick sheriff in some back water town. your liable to end up married to his plush daughter.

    I had the same question when I did the same thing in Florida (I live in MA). You will have to go with the seller to the DMV to get a temporary motorcycle plate in CA/CO/(insert state). Once you have the temporary plate, you can ride anywhere in the US for 30 days. It is important that the seller has the title of the vehicle so you can transfer it over at the DMV. You will pay taxes on the bike in that state, but keep the receipt and show it to the Mass RMV, and they won't charge you tax here. Good luck. A side note, if you know the seller beforehand, pay with a cashiers check rather than cash. Or if it's a dealer, they might thake plastic.

    Yo do have a license , right? A used bike will have the plates on it, usually you get 10 days to register the bike.You can register for insurance by web site and they will send you a proof sheet by e mail.

    You get your plates from your home state. If yo uget it fro ma licensed dealer they can give you a 30 day temporary plate. Call your home DMV, they will explain it all.

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