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    Hey everyone, I just got my Motorcycle Permit in North Mankato and I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but don't have the money to buy a real expensive one, and I found this pocket bike for about 700 dollars. Is it illegal in CA? It is an X18 model, 4 stroke with a 110 CC engine and is EPA certified. It is a gear shifting bike like a real motorcycle, so I thought I can learn on one of these. Of course I will use safety, I already have a D.O.T. approved helmet. Well the bike is 5 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet high. Its pretty big, but its still a pocket bike. So any answers will help. Thank you.

    Not legal anywhere, except on private property, with owners consent....and in California, if you ride it on the street (or any public property) police can impound it , and issue citations.

    Save your money and buy a proven street legal bike. A real good ride is the Kawasaki Ninja 250, it's not over powering and has enough handling to help you learn your limits before moving up to something bigger and faster. I checked some prices on the L.A. craigslist, and the prices are a little bit higher than here in the North East (year round riding vs. maybe 9 months if we're lucky out here). These bikes are plentiful, and inexpensive, and have been around for years, so finding parts, and getting one fixed is easy, not to mention performance parts. Even though this is a North Mankato dealer,who knows where this pocket bike was made, let alone where they get their parts. Look for a late 90's early 00's bike, should be well under $2000, and I hope you get riding soon. Keep the shiny side up.

    They are not illegal, but must meet C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) approval, not simply EPA. the one you selected can also be found here apparently, and according to THIS site it is CARB approved, if it is in fact the same bike. the site you linked lists EPA approval, but not CARB. CARB is a higher standard, so i would think they would have listed it, but you never know.. note you want to make absolutely certain it is CARB approved. to this day some distributors of chinese bikes claim EPA and CARB approval, only to see owners end up with revoked registrations or worse yet, stopped dead in their tracks at the DMV telling them the bikes aren't legal. but too late, it's then your problem, and the distributor couldn't careless and puts the blame back on the EPA and DMV. it's been a mess recently that is why the site you link says "Guaranteed EPA approved." but it is indeed CARB approved? which would make it 50 state legal. tread carefully when purchasing, and know the factual truth going in look at these scooters, for instance: know for a FACT at least several are not legal in Cali. but they are listed in the "California Legal" section BIG FAT LIE

    Not legal. No pocket bike is street-legal. You can buy it to ride around your own yard, that's all. Illegal on streets, sidewalks, parking lots. A toy with no practical use.

    I under no circumstances new they couldnt be. I surely have some 2 stroke pocket motorcycles and that i'm in San Diego. in simple terms this 12 months all motorcycles designed for babies have been banned in California and pulled off all showroom flooring

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