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    I was born in California, I am 19 yrs. old now, but as I understand it, there is no statute of limitations on past due child support. My mother plans on opening a child support case soon. I was unsure because my biological father does not want to pay up, and I believe he'll do ANYTHING to avoid it. His wife hates me and has threatened to put everything they own under her name, take all his money, and leave him to make sure I don't get one cent. I also believe my biological father is planning to (or has already) transfer all his money to his sister's bank account to look like he "has nothing". He also has 5 kids under 18 to support. Can my mother get what she is owed - even if he has tons of kids now and hides his money somehow? Can anyone offer any advice on how to go about this better? Please don't judge us for this if you don't know the whole situation. I'm willing to give more details if asked.

    Actually, your information is not true. If your mother did not open the child support case before you are 18, her chances of collecting anything is zero. If however, you mean that he owed child support via a court order prior to your being 18 and now she is going to try and collect, then sure. Yes, your biological father can hide the money. Can your mother get what she is owed? Yes, she can get money he transfers to his sister's bank account only if she can get a court order to 'follow the money.' That would require police time to track the money from his account to his siblings account. Sorry, but the cops in North Saint Paul don't have the TIME to do this; they are already understaffed for violent crimes. Can your mother hire someone else with the authority to do this? I don't know. Not in my state. The only advantage your mother has is that he can be jailed for non-payment of back child support. I don't know many people willing to ultimately do jail time for that unless they truly do not have the money.

    I am not sure why your mother waited until you were 18 to attempt to obtain child support. It is possible the court will do little at this point as you are an adult. Regardless of what your father does, if it is ordered by the court, he will eventually be required to pay up. Since it is based on his income not what he has in the bank, his attempt to hide his earning will not matter much, unless he has no income at all, which his income tax return would determine this.

    Paper trail, I'm sure the IRS would be interested in these accounts he is stashing his money in since I doubt that the tax has been paid on it. I wish you both good luck but if your mother hasn't filed for child support before now, You are of legal age and that changes things. First things first Lawyer.

    Your mother is the one who can file for back owed child support..the courts deal with this kind of thing all the mother needs to consult with a lawyer

    Put in a good word for those that you think he's hiding his money with to the I.R.S. I'm sure they would like to know how these people came into the money and I'm sure that they aren't reporting the new found money on their taxes. That would be a no no. Good luck to ya.

    Here is a place to go look for your answer in ca good luck L.

    Check with your local laws

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    Destinee Jaskolski
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    Breana Oberbrunner