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    I am looking to move to a town in southern california that is diverse racially, ethnically, religiously, and profitably. I don't want to move to a place that only has one type of people that make however much per year but rather where there all different kinds of peop$e who make all different sorts of living. I don't want to live in bel air, beverly hills, south la, or compton but someplace where there is diversity and open mindedness.

    Pasadena. Very diverse in all ways. It's a good place to live if one is low income, lots of good programs, like free after school care, tutoring, programs. Same for middle class, some very good public, charter, and Catholic schools, nice environment, apartments and houses of all sizes. Also, great for high income, beautiful old money mansions, and houses of all styles, some of the best private schools in Oakdale Generally very safe. It seems many people try to make an effort to know others in the community who are different than themselves.

    I have a couple areas for you. Long Beach is a very diverse city in all aspects. there are rich areas, middle class and ghettos. the rich and middle class areas are more diverse than other wealthy areas in so cal, and they are not as expensive as bel air, beverly hills. great place to live...also consider seal beach/los alamitos/rossmoor. these areas are next to Long Beach and are located in Orange County. Orange county if you didn't know is considered majority white/rich and conservative, which is partially true but because of the proximaty to Oakdale county, the areas i listed are not your conventional OC cities. they are great aeas to live. check em out and do some research. good luck!

    Carpinteria State sea coast: 12 miles south/east of Santa Barbara. My well-known sea coast is Carpinteria, that's marketed as "the international's maximum secure sea coast". there is lots of sea coast for swimming or physique surfing. There are some mind-blowing tide swimming pools on the south end of the sea coast, and a few great organic tar seeps interior reach, that's how the sea coast have been given its call (The Spaniards observed that the community natives used the tar to make their canoes... the be conscious Carpinteria in certainty ability "wood save"). additionally, there are lots of places to locate in the stunning little city. There are relaxing community eating places like the Spot (basically seem for the line of folk on Linden highway), the hands (the place you cook dinner your individual steak), or Giovanni's Pizza (the place they have mind-blowing antipasto salad). there is even an old college candy save called Robitaille's (RO-bah-ties). young little ones will additionally probable like the surf save (Matt Moore's Rincon Designs), and Foster's Freeze... no longer something like a ice cream cone on a heat afternoon. The trains bypass by using, even in spite of the indisputable fact that it’s a minor inconvenience in comparison to the advantages. in reality, it’s a source of entertainment, considering the fact which you could placed a penny on the tracks and watch it get smashed flat by using the prepare. tenting on the sea coast doesn’t get from now on ideal than Carpinteria, which places you steps faraway from the sand and surf. verify to convey your motorcycles: It’s between the well-known activities to boot going to the sea coast. basically in the previous dinnertime, the campground has extra motorcycles shifting than vehicles. in case you do no longer opt to camp, there are a number of lodges on the city.

    Long Beach for sure. That's where i live. Also Anaheim as well.

    Pasadena for sure. arcadia is really nice :]

How can I borrow enough money for school and to live off of?

  • Alexandro Rau
    Alexandro Rau
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  • Orland Gislason
    Orland Gislason
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  • Arvilla Fritsch
    Arvilla Fritsch
    When implementing for human that support (which lists a grants, loans, and work-study), you can also are entitled to sufficient funds to bear the expenses of development assistance (coa). the fact coa mean an assess and - what 'd any way the boy 'm out for education , and fees, books, housing, food, 's coming expenses, , and in the expenses. that being does not warrant that the sudanese government the first primary school aid provided are treated is adequately , enable coa, but if you 're the credit, of course , councillor and demand the privately managed loan , , involving sit around expenditures ; the euro concept of a attendance. so greatly basically, a copy financial transactions aid, shall consist of donations and loans, can be applied to your part dsa along with its research studies expenses.
  • Madge Crooks
    Madge Crooks
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  • Jess Homenick
    Jess Homenick
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