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    UCLA, The University of California - Los Angeles is one campus of the "U.C." system. Here is a link to all the campuses. They are spread out across the state of California. California college systems have a good model for many other states to follow; be they UC, State, or Junior College. this point forward I will refer to the entity as a whole as the "U.C." system and individual campuses will be called UCLA or UCSD. The U.C. system has some of the highest standards in the United States in terms of entry into the school for students and standards for receiving a degree. I generally consider it a bunch of hogwash BUT it is preferable to graduate from a U.C. school as opposed to a "State" school (San Diego State University) for instance. That having been said, the U.C. system has been involved in important research projects and develops fine, capable individuals with solid foundations for professional careers. For that matter many other schools, including State Colleges are too. The heirarchy of schools across America pretty much goes like this. I will list them starting with the most desirable schools. Ivy League - Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Univ. of Pennsylvania. A bunch of old money, stuffy prepsters that don't need a degree anyway because their parents, grand-parents, great grand-parents and great great grandparents own(ed) everything. Many influential people at the very top of the political and business worlds (is there a difference?) graduate from these schools. Private Universities- Stanford, Notre Dame, University of Iowa, Georgetown University, University of San Diego. Pretty much the same deal as the Ivy League schools. Very Prestigious, these people don't need anything. They're stinking rich. A degree for them is pretty much like a Driver's License for the rest of us. Their degrees only certify that fate that was assigned to most of them since before their conception. State Colleges- This is where the kids from middle and upper middle class America go to school. The majority of scholarship money gets spent at schools like these; in case you didn't know there are scholarships other than sports. Based on that, I really don't want to hear any more of this nonsense on how athletes should be "grateful" for a chance to go to college. All athletes do is make TONS OF MONEY for the NCAA while they get to be hungry. I would much rather have an academic scholarship than an athletic one. By the way, millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed every year for graduating seniors. Junior Colleges- This is where the rest of us losers go. Its more than a "glorified high school" as some people would like others to believe. Junior College is what THE INDIVIDUAL makes of it; that's why I make more money than a lot of people with degrees from big colleges (yeah!). Still, many people that go to these schools realize they are too lazy for academic life and get a job being a loser somewhere. Who said the "Industrial Revolution" is over? AMERICA MANUFACTURES HAMBURGERS! I hope I have shed some light on "Higher Education" in America. One last thing, as I have told a undergrad college student that I was tutoring "No one makes it through one of these institutions without CHEATING or LYING". Almost no one can get a 4 year degree without buying a paper or cheating on some test(s), it's pure hypocrisy to make a claim refuting what I have just said.

    University of California, Los Angeles = UCLA

    Yes, the University of California has campuses all over the state. So UCLA stands for, University of California, Los Angeles. There's also UC Berkeley, San Diego, Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Fran, Riverside, Santa Cruz, etc...

    Because it is part of the UC (University of California) system. The first UC school was in Berkeley and that school is called University of California, Cal, or Berkeley. UCLA was an extension school of Berkeley until it became big enough to become its own separate school in LA, but still part of the UC system. Now there are like 10 different UC schools throughout the state of California. The Bruins suck anyway... FIGHT ON TROJANS!!!

    Yes. there are many UC schools around the whole of california. eg UCLA is in Los Angeles. UCSB is in santa barbara. UCI is in irvine. UCB is in berkeley and so forth. they are a bunch of public universities

    Now that you've seen all the university names & places, for extra points---how about the state COLLEGE system? Whole 'nother ballgame...there's Plymouth State, Fresno State, Chico State, SF State, San Diego State, Long Beach State, etc...and all of them begin with the letters 'CSU' for California State University, followed by the initial of wherever they are or whatever they decided they are. In spite of all that university & college system beavering away, there are still bad drivers, congestion, smog, and for dessert, a humongous state PRISON system for the drop-outs to graduate into.

    They can name their campus whatever they want. There are many other University of California campuses all over the state. Why is Penn State not Pennsylvania State or LSU Louisiana State University? Lots of college abbreviate their full names.

    Example Nebraska is UNL- or Univeristy of Nebraska at Lincoln, so therefore UCLA is University of California at Los Angeles.

    Yes, theres UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, and others, Im just not sure of the rest. Just Like there's many schools that are a part of the Cal System. Cal State Fullerton, Cal Berkley...etc

    Because saying UCLA is way better..saying universtiy of los angeles california is annoying...and you cant fit that in a stat thing like ESPN, just easier to say UCLA

Can I apply for a loan?

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    Lane Mayer
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    Lucious Robel
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    Megane D'Amore
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