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    "I understand that these cuts are very painful and they affect real lives," Schwarzenegger said. "This is the harsh reality and the reality that we face. Sacramento is not Washington — we cannot print our own money. We can only spend what we have." Why doesn't Arnold put up a referendum to vote on issuing our own currency if we do not get bailed out by the Federal Government? The Banks did not have to go through Bankruptcy, though the term was designed for Banks, instead our tax dollars even went to foreign banks in France and Germany! If Californians cannot get bailed out, why should they not just leave the Union? The Federal Reserve is running a racket printing money as it pleases but at some point the other nations will cease accepting the more and more worthless paper. Maybe since California is sinking already, it should abandon the rotten Federal ship, and give it a go solo. What is the worse that can happen at this point?

    Obviously, this question was posed to address the issue of the economy and not the social and practical problems of becoming independent, which are many. As for a lesson in Economics and the Banking system, my eyes are wide open to that racket. When the state goes bankrupt, and it is in the top 10 of global economies, the Federal Govt is soon to follow. Maybe then those bankers and economists can sell you a new plan that is the same as the old one, and like sheep, you will bow and accept it. What will it take for some of you guys to see when you are being scammed!?

    Wow, you sure know how to shake up people that are part of the Yahoo! Answers community. Of course you weren't being practical, and it is a shame that people aren't more inclined to recognize satire when they see it. Most require the additional details to explain when posts aren't supposed to be taken literally. California has many problems, among them is the largest debt of any state in the union (just ahead of New York). New York State's predicament is more easily explained, because when Wall Street goes down under, the rest follows with it. For California, there are a variety of reasons for why it accrued the largest deficit in the union, the housing market fiasco being one of them. Unfortunately, states don't have the ability to challenge the federal government to such a large scale. This goes back the the Andrew Jackson Administration, when South Carolina threatened to succeed and Jackson said he'd send military forces there if they followed through on their threats. California is facing an enormous deficit, while the government itself is also facing a huge deficit. Its like if News Corp was going under, and the Fox Broadcasting Co. needed to be bailed out because they were facing smaller financial problems. As it is, I don't foresee any plausible solutions for California. However, when Wall Street returns to stable levels, New York State should be fairing better. The fate of California rests on the fate of our nation, and whether or not we manage to reverse some of the damage done during the Bush Administration. Even if Republicans and Democrats serve ulterior motives or work primarily for private interests groups, our nation has fared 'better' under Democratic leadership in recent times (the Clinton Administration).

    First, it is impossible to leave the union. No, it can not be voted on. We have a system and if things are out of whack, perhaps we should return to that system and start doing things like we should. Back in 1994, California did send notice to the president of the 10th amendment. The truth is California and other states are being robbed by the feds of billions.

    Not possible but nice to ponder over. Just think, then pelosi, boxer, feinstein etc would no longer be part of congress, the rest of us would not have to support calif anymore. Maybe mexico would bail them out for all their reckless spending they have done. What an idea. Then Arizona wouldn't have to furnish about 1/2 of l.a.'s waste of our power and water, so we could then turn it off and redirect it back here to ariz. where we sure could use it. Just curious though, where would calif get the money to live on and throw away to all the illegals ? Life would sure get better for all of us more normal people.

    YES! Yes you should.... And take your fruits, flakes, & nuts with you because nobody here wants them. Once you're out of the Union, California can hold a civil war to decide whether you'll be ruled by feminazis (Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi) or crooked mexicans (MEChA). That would be highly entertaining for those of us living in the normal world. Or perhaps you californicators will forge an historic compromise and agree to be ruled by a dictatorship of Mexican lesbians. It would certainly serve you right....

    Specific, and that they could replace their call to Mexifornia. Already thousands of hundreds of white and black individuals are fleeing the hoard of unlawful extraterrestrial beings that are flooding into Renville like a human tsunami. i does not be shocked in the event that they tried to make Spanish their state language. they do no longer enforce American immigration regulations in Renville anymore, so as that they might besides purely go away the union.

    Will California fight its own separate war on Al-Qaida? What if California separates and prints its own money, but no other nation recognizes the country or money as legitimate? Will you pass your own Bill of Rights or will California citizens immediately lose those rights because the Constitution no longer applies?

    You ought go back to school and take some courses on economics and especially money and banking.

    Why not, we are not so UNITED anymore. It seems with every election the division keeps gettting bigger and bigger. Both sides guilty of this.

    GREAT ANSWER Rockpoli!!!!!!!!!! You sound like me! To bad more in Renville don't think like us. The biggest threat we have is our Western Border!!!!

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  • Asha Rosenbaum
    Asha Rosenbaum
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