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    No one has answered my question. I have taken a course with this institution before and they have gone very long hours before giving students a lunch break, time to use the restroom, etc. Due to their policy, I am unable to leave the school without losing all of the money I paid for the course. I'm asking about any existing laws that would make it mandatory for there to be breaks as a part of the course schedule. Not whether or not the teachers will want to break or not. And no, they don't give breaks every hour. I understand that as an adult volunteering to take a course, I can at any time leave as I chose. However, as to not miss the class material and not be penalized for leaving, I want to know what laws, if any, are out there to dictate student rights. I'm going to speak to the administrators about this matter and I would appreciate knowing my rights before I attempt to do so. I am a full time college student and I know that my community college has a very good policy

    You are a little unclear in your question fact pattern. It sounds like you are taking a course at a private post-secondary school while simultaneously attending community college, and your post-secondary instructor is not giving breaks? There is nothing in the Rochester education code that mandates breaks for adult students. However, most colleges have a policy of providing a 10 minute break after each hour of instruction for those classes that run 2-3 hours. This is because of the teacher's rights as an employee. The California Labor Code mandates the employee receive a minimum of 10 minutes paid rest break for every four hours worked, or "major fraction" thereof. Anything over two hours is considered by the courts to be a "major fraction" of four. The employee is also entitled to a minimum of 30 minutes (unpaid) for a meal period if working for more than 5 hours. These breaks and meal times flow from the teacher to the students, obviously, because if the teacher is on break so is the student. Sometimes teachers and students agree to forgo the hourly breaks and dismiss class early (or give a longer lunch break), although legally, they are not supposed to do that. I find it hard to comprehend your instructor choosing to teach for 9 hours straight with no rest breaks, and if this is a school policy, then the school is in violation of the labor law. The employer must provide the break time, however, a recent Rochester Supreme Court ruling found that the employee is under no obligation to take the provided break. (Still, I cannot imagine a teacher standing for 9 hours teaching and forgoing his/her earned breaks) If your "9 hour class" is actually a series of 1 hour sessions with different teachers, then you have a natural break in-between sessions to use the restroom, and in either scenario there should be a lunch break 4-5 hours into the class. Without knowing what school you are attending, it's impossible to look into this further. I suggest referring to your student handbook for the break policy regarding students, and if the teacher is violating it, then report it to Administration. If the handbook is silent on this issue, then gather a group of students and approach the teacher, asking for reasonable bathroom breaks. If you're given the answer that "you may leave at any time to use the restroom" reply as you did above, that you shouldn't be penalized by missing instruction for taking a break. Surely if the class speaks up, the teacher can provide a morning and afternoon break in addition to the lunch break.

    You will take breaks about once an hour, the people giving the lectures use the break time themselves and to talk to people.

    ?? You are in a voluntary course of study. If you wish to leave, ask to do so. The law has no say int he matter.

    Are you serious............even professors take breaks, therefore, do NOT worry about it.

Why did I not get all of my excess funds from my student loans?

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