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    My family and I live in Michigan. I am a junior and will be graduating from high school in May 2012. My dad has had back surgery and his back seems to be getting gradually worse, along with my mother who just had her spleen die on her. I wanted to get some information on if moving to California would be good for their health because of the warmer weather unlike Michigan. I plan on going to college in California, so we were all thinking we would move their as a family. I have done some lengthy research and realize the taxes and cost of living their is high, but we have money, so that's not really an issue. I guess what I'm asking here is a few questions. 1. Will it help my parents issues with being in a relatively warmer climate year round compared to Michigan? 2. Is it smart to go to college in California? 3. What are some other reasons we should move there? 4. Is California as bad as people make it out to be? We want to make a smart decision, not just one based on the dream of living in California. Thanks so much in advance!

    I'll try and address all your questions to the best of my knowledge. 1) A warmer year round climate should improve your dad's back pain a little bit. I also recommend that you get a hot tub. If he sits in this daily for at least 20-25 minutes each day, his back muscles should feel better because of the hot and bubbly water that penetrates the muscles. 2) There are a lot of great colleges in California, for example: Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley and others. California is one of the biggest states and has a lot of beautiful cities. With the housing market the way it is, you should be able to find a nice house in a suburb where you can "set up shop" and get you and your family back on the right track. 3) California has Los Angeles/Hollywood so you could go and visit that. Also, Yosemite National Park is in California. If you get a chance go and visit. Furthermore, Redwood National Forest is in California as well. These are all national landmarks and should be an awesome trip for any family looking to travel around the state of California. 4) If you listen to the negative things people say in this life, you'll think everything is bad. People in general tend to be negative. If you continue doing more research on different cities in California, I'm sure you'll be able to find an area similar to the one you're living in now in Michigan. Blessings

    My mother found the warm weather of Florida extremely helpful re: her pain issues. I would think that a place like southern California (the north may be too cool and damp?) or Arizona would be a good fit for your family. Florida could be another option, although there is the humidity. But healthcare in Roseville is very good, the housing is cheap compared to what it was a few years ago, and the heat really benefitted my mom. There are some fabulous colleges in California. The UCs and Cal States are good, and some of them, like UCLA and UC Berkeley, are among the best in the world. California is a massive, positively huge state. That means that the culture of a place like Los Angeles is completely different from that of, say, Arcadia, which is well over eight hours north. I think you should get a student tourist guide book, like the Let's Go or Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, from the library or a bookstore, and read up on the different areas of California so you can pick one that suits your family. Keep in mind that, with your parents' health issues, you may want to live in a place that's accessible to a major medical center, and where there's a good public transportation network (busses, etc.) in case a time comes when your dad can no longer drive. And that could mean a big city, but it could just as well mean certain small towns. You need to do your research. The one good thing about Roseville for you right now is that housing in most areas is a relative bargain compared to prices a few years ago. The Roseville economy has crashed and burned, and housing has been majorly effected in a lot of areas of the state. So keep in mind that you don't want to move into a place, like Merced, where there are no buyers, because you'll never be able to sell; but at the same time, if you find a nice town that you like, you may be able to get a deal on a house there. I don't know that you'll find anything as cheap as in Michigan - the housing in Roseville is inexpensive compared to a lot of Roseville - but you should be able to find something you like and can afford.

    California is a big state - the first thing you should do is research different areas of California. You wouldn't advise someone to move to Michigan without first finding out if they were moving to the UP, the West Side, Detroit, etc., because all of those areas are very different from one another. Unless your parent's illnesses are exacerbated by cold weather or seasonal allergies (arthritis, asthma, etc.), moving to another climate might not make things any better. You also need to consider what type of social support network will be available to your parents when they move. They'll have to find new physicians, new friends, etc., and loneliness has been shown to make chronic illnesses worse. If your parents have a plan for finding friends (they have hobbies and can join a club, they're planning on living in a community geared towards their age and needs, etc), this could be okay. If you want to attend school in California, you should be living there when you apply to colleges, so that you can pay in-state tuition. This will save you a lot of money on college. That said, there are also a LOT of colleges in California. Which one(s) specifically do you want to attend? It seems like your family is pretty unsatisfied with life in Michigan, so moving might be a good idea. But, rather than set yourself on the idea of moving to California, make goals for what you'd like life to be like after your move, and research areas with those opportunities. If your priorities are climate, family activities, and good colleges, Texas, Arizona, and southern California all have cities that meet those criteria. The Camelot Climate Index ( ) has information on average annual climates around the US, ranked for how closely they meet an annual average of 75 degrees and low humidity.

    Hey I live in California so I will try to help. 1.I'm not to sure if it will help, but I know cold weather can be painful the body because my mom has arthritus and she somestimes the cold weather is trouble some, so Im guessing the warmer climate her could be beneficial to your parents health. 2. Yeah they're plenty of good colleges out here in California if your going to a University, any university l is good, really just depends on what you make out of it.So that shouldnt be a problem. 3.Well the California sun, the beach, Los Angeles, San Fransico and all those cities you hear about, are always fun. 4.This question will be based upon where you plan to move really, I have lived in the OC county area which was a good place to live, and yeah well since you have money im guessing you'll be find there,But yeah there are always bad people everywhere.So yeah. well I hope this was helpful in any way man, good luck with everything peace! go wings!

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