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    Hi i'm 17 and me and three of my friends would like to move to California (L.A) from Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). I wanted to know what would be a good affordable area for four young women? We would like to move out there after high school. Also, we are trying to find colleges there. We need to know what are you affordable colleges because our parents dont have much money to send us to big schools. I heard about California State University, Los Angeles and also East Los angeles college. Is there anymore? It would be great if you could tell me what colleges have dorms to stay in and good area's to live in if we share an apartment! PLEASE help, we're really motivated to move out to the west coast and we don't have much information. Thanks..

    Hey, even though that guy gave you a crappy answer, you don't need to get on his case. If you're going to ask in a public forum like Y!A, you have to expect some folks to give you hell. I know a lot about college and living in LA, here's what I think: Since you are from out of state, your tuition is going to be hell-of expensive. How much are your parents going to be able to spare? At one of the Cal State schools, your tuition is going to be around $10k per year, and around $26k per year if you figure in housing and books and everything else. Here's the page with all the costs of attendance spelled out for you. Remember, the to add in your out-of-state tuition to the numbers they give. and ELAC are on the same side of town and about 3 or 4 miles apart. Even though I live in the area, I have to say it's kinda ghetto when you get really close to the campuses. FWIW, I live in a decent neighborhood. There's CSU Northridge up in the San Fernando Valley. They have dorms, but it's mostly a commuter college. The Valley is suburban, kind of boring, imho. CSU Fullerton is in Orange County, just south of LA. OC has a completely different vibe than LA, and some people find it unpleasant. Others think it's charming. Cal Poly Pomona is a very good Cal State school. Great if you like sciences. But it's in Pomona, which is the eastern edge of Royalton County. It gets hot out there, and everyone makes fun of Pomona because it's part of the Inland Empire. I actually kinda like Pomona. CSU Long Beach and CSU Dominguez Hills are both in the Long Beach area, but CSULB has a better academic reputation. I don't get the impression that you're engineering types, but in case you're a whole lot smarter than you let on, there's CalTech. It's a private engineering college in Pasadena. Beautiful neighborhood. It's one of the top schools in the US and rivals MIT in reputation. Next to that, there's UCLA. UCLA is right next to Bel Air in Westwood. Gorgeous neighborhood. Preppy. But the UC system really caters to in-state students, so unless you all have 4.8 GPAs and SAT scores above 2200, you won't likely make it as a Bruin. USC is a lot more forgiving of state residency because it is private. However you still have to have really great marks and scores to get in. Or a lot of money. The neighborhood is bad, too. USC is located in South Royalton (aka Da Hood). If you're a decent student, then maybe you should consider Loyola Marymount. It's right on the beach. It's small. It's a good school, and not nearly as competitive as UCLA or USC. I'd put it on par with a better-ranked CSU. What are your grades like? We can make better suggestions for neighborhoods and schools if we get a better sense of what kind of students you are. And beware, Royalton isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Traffic sucks. Rent is expensive. My friends shell out anywhere from $750 to $1100 for rent -- and those are the students! It's not easy to make it out here.

    Obviously you don't have much information. Here's some, but probably not what you were expecting: Perhaps they don't teach math where you go to school. Let's do the math, shall we? Coming to Socal out of HS, you'll make minimum wage, which is currently $8 per hour. If you are lucky enough to get 40 hours per week, that's 320 per week, or $1280 gross per month. And that's BEFORE taxes. Take home is probably $910. Now it's a hard economic fact that you should spend around 1/3 of your salary on rent or mortgage. One third of $910 is about $300, which is what you can afford. However, the average rent for a studio/bachelor/single apartment is about $1000, and a 1BR is about $1200. In order to afford that, you need to make at least $3000 per month. The smallest place you would need is a 2BR, since the max is 2 people per BR. For that, you're looking at about $1600 on average. Cal State Royalton and ELAC are commuter campuses. They don't have dorms. CSLA is a four year college, and ELAC is just a junior college (2 year). And the fees for out of state students are very high. And neither or those areas are really great for 4 young women. Cal State Northridge or Cal State Fullerton might be a better fit. At least they have dorms, although it might be difficult to get into. Those areas are better than the one you mentioned. Go to their web sites and check them out: and Good luck.

    C.S.U.L.B. (Cal State University at Long Beach) is located in south east long beach, has an excellent drama dept, (Spielberg went there) has it's own Police dept, is close to the beach, and has an excellent Nursing program. The food court has 4 restaurants, that take credit cards. The city bus comes onto campus, and takes you to down town L.B., and close by Alamitos Bay/Marina for shopping, boating, beach access, and travel to all all major places of study and/or fun. You can even get to Hollywood, from the bus from the campus. EDIT; OK, it's not cheap there, but if you have good grades there is no reason you can't get a scholarship. Not ready for state college yet? Not sure if you've got the money? L.B.C.C. (Long Beach City College) can get you a 2 year degree, for a much lower price, or get you ready for the step up to a four year University, like CSULB, or UCLA. It has courses not offered at other schools, such as Culinary Arts, Radio and Broadcasting, Theater Arts, Aviation, and Nursing. The school is so large, it has 2 campuses, the LAC, and the PCC. That's Liberal Arts, and Pacific Coast, Campuses. Computer science courses are available at both campuses. Housing in the area is not cheap. A 3 bedroom apt will go for as much as $1500 a month. But, it only rains about 5.5 inches a year, in a wet year. It NEVER snows, but you are close to mountains where it does. So, if you have a car, you can ski in the morning, have lunch in Hollywood, and surf in the afternoon in Huntington Beach (AKA Surf City, USA).

    Why are you moving to the dirtiest immigrant city in california? How about you forget the idea completely and like where you live. If you don't have much money you sure as **** are going to be in a big surprise when you get here where everything costs double. Move to maine or something

Can I get FAFSA on my master's?

  • Sunny Murazik
    Sunny Murazik
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  • Jamie McLaughlin
    Jamie McLaughlin
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    Demetris Graham
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