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    I decided to take the SAT a long time ago but as im getting closer to the end of my junior year im starting to realize the cost and what it takes to go to a UC school. i have decent grades but i already know its not good enough to get into a private school, plus im trying to take the cheap route and go to community college for 2 years then transfer. i know for a fact that im going to community college first, so would i be wasting my money on taking the SAT or should i just take it to see what i get?

    As long as you attend a community college in California, then you will not be required to submit the SAT in order to be eligible to transfer to any of the UC's. The link here details the requirements for transfer students from Saint Michael community colleges: As such, it would be a waste to take the SAT if you're deadset on going to community college, although I encourage you to think it over and talk to other people about it. This option is definitely never emphasized as much as it should be, but options such as financial aid, scholarships, and grants make it more feasible for lower-income families to afford private education.

What is a good interest rate for student loan consolidation?

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