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    I'm talking about Harvard Westlake, Archer, Crossroads, etc... right now I go to Paul Revere (public) in California, and it's pretty bad. Ever since the end of 3rd grade, I've gotten 4's (the equivalent of A's) in pretty much everything. Behavior and academics. In 6th grade, I go all A's and E's (E's are for behavior) and I'm getting the same in seventh grade. My test scores are extremely high, and I'm one of the 40 out of 700 placed in "high honors". I've pretty much done well since kindergarten. I also do cross country in the fall, track in the spring, and I've started dancing. The thing is, I can't afford a private school; could I go with financial aid? Thanks!

    Paul Revere is actually one of the better middle schools in the LAUSD, so you'll have a better foundation than many applying from LAUSD. Yes, you have a very good chance of being accepted to private school. Besides good grades, good standardized and entrance exam test scores, a history of good behavior and an ability to fit into the school's community are important. As far as financial aid, who knows? There isn't enough money to go around to all who qualify and are admitted, so it's very hard to say. They need to be careful, as the money mostly comes from other families who sacrifice to donate. What often happens is that they compare all the students who qualify for aid and then decide who brings to the school what the school needs at that moment, like high test scores, athletic ability, diversity, etc. Usually schools prefer to give less aid to more students, getting a full scholarship isn't common. Your parents info is kept confidential, only a couple administrators at the school know who is getting aid, but at my son's school, the kids that are aren't shy about telling, because no one cares or judges, they're nice kids. Some very good Catholic schools are much less expensive, because they receive financial support from the church, whereas some Catholic schools are set up differently and charge similar to prep school tuition. Some take a good percentage of non-Catholics, so if you have no objection to a religion class yearly (as much as English, usually) and participating in some of the traditions, look into them. My son has Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish friends who attend Catholic schools and they like it. Please look into the schools and see which one is the best fit for you. You're naming schools that are much different from each other, like HW vs Crossroads = apples vs oranges. Someone who is a perfect fit for HW isn't for Crossroads and vice versa. Some schools may have prestigious reputations, but there are many problems in the school, from bullying to drugs, ambulances showing up at parties, etc, issues that really aren't found in many of the local private schools. Some schools are not rigorous enough to prepare students for a top college, but are a great fit for certain students who have different goals. All the schools say that they're rigorous and preparing students for a college education, but they really are very different. Even if you're a top student at a good public school, you may not be a top student at a rigorous private school. Schools like HW, Flintridge Prep, and Poly Pasadena have 5+ hours of homework a night, plus on the weekends, and many classes are basically college level. Other schools a step down have 3 - 4 hours of homework a night. To get into a top college, you need very close to an unweighted 4.0, so don't choose a school where you'll be struggling to get A's. (High school should be fun!) However, if getting A's is very easy for you, you will likely do Saint Paul in a very rigorous private school, but it's not going to be easy. You'll probably have a rough first semester, but hang in there, and make studying your top priority, and you'll get the hang of it. Do you have any community service? If not, do some this summer, doesn't have to be much. You'll want to make a resume to give to the teachers (usually math and English) who will write up your recommendations, so they can use the info in the recommendation. Some public schools don't want their teachers to write up recommendations, the private schools understand this, but it's better if you can get recommendations. Ask the teachers as early as possible to write up recommendations so they have plenty of time, and give them your resume to help. You'll get the recommendations form with the applications, and some schools use the same form, so the teacher can just copy it after they've written it up to send to those schools. Usually it has check off boxes, with just a little writing needed, so it's easy and not all that time consuming. There is a lot to the admissions process, don't get overwhelmed, take it one step at a time. Be sure to attend the Open Houses, send in your applications/financial aid applications on time, sign up for the entrance exams, interviews, etc. Here are some details: summer start studying for the entrance exams, ISEE (for most local private schools), and HSPT if you're applying to Catholic schools that require it, you can find out on the schools' websites. Even though the schools always say not to study, trust me, everyone does, and you'll be at a disadvantage if you don't. There are test prep books at bookstores and, order the latest for each test you'll need to take and study it. If you run into problems, ask for help from a parent, friend, tutor, etc. Good luck!

    You have a very good chance. I know people who got into these kinds of schools with B's and very little extracurriculars, though admittedly thats rare. Crossroads tends to be more of an arts orientated school, so if you show interest in arts you can have an easier time on getting in. Archer is more easier to get into than Harvard-Westlake, but from what I know they like to accept kids who clearly make it seem like their first choice. All the good private schools offer financial aid, and want to accommodate a wide variety of economic backgrounds. The KEY to getting in to these schools though, is to show that you are MAKING THE MOST of your opportunities. If you go to a bad school (Paul Revere is pretty good though compared to other schools in LAUSD) and so ur standardized test scores are lower than those from super expensive private schools, the administrators will see that it is not a reflection of your abilities but rather the lack of preperation compared to others. You should join some clubs because the admissions commitee likes clubs and hobbies. Also, try your best to show your passion in various ways. If you like dance maybe try to do community service by teaching kids from poor backgrounds dance? Or for sports maybe you can volunteer and a sports camp for inner-city kids with disadvantages? Show your passion and make the most of what your school offers you, and then these schools will no doubt accept you.

TEACH grant: worth it?

  • Marisa Raynor
    Marisa Raynor
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    Delfina Gerlach
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