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    I got a parking ticket for parking in a handicap but i wasnt parked!! i was geting out of traffics way so i reversed and pulled into the nearest parking not realizing it was handicap so as soon as the car passed behind me i reversed out. as i was reversing i saw the cop behind me..i didnt think he was goin to pull me over till i got to a clear area of the parking he flashed his lights. i went to the city hall to fight it and they gave me some crap about it doesnt matter even if ur just standing there. but wtf its a PARKING ticket they gave me. and i wasnt parked. ya it dont matter if i was standing..if i was the ticket wouldnt of been parking violation it wud of been for standing there..but no i pulled in. and they gave me a PARKINGGGG violation. maybe bcuz im 18 they thought they can tell me theres no way of fighting it. (which obviously they did bcuz i said ok) ... so for right now im suppose to do a payment plan. but before i give my first payment in september i reeeeeallly wana make sure i can fight it. $330 dollars is wayyy to much!!) i am starting my first year as a fulltime student..i have a minm wage job only 20hours a week ..i pay my car insurance of 127$ i have to do my smog check pay my registration ... seriously all they want is ppls money. and i wana get information before i just give them my damn money.... cant i ask to see a judge or something??? anythingg??? help plzz!!

    Darlene, You have the constitutional right to face your accuser, which in this case appears to be the town where you were cited for parking in a handicapped space. Look at the citation you were issued. Is it a traffic ticket or an ordinance violation? The former will allow you to see the judge in traffic court. The latter will allow you to see what's normally called an "Adjudication Board" that will hear your side of the story. My advice to you is this: calm down before you talk to those people. Speak politely and respectfully while you explain the situation that ended up with you receiving this citation. You have an inordinately better chance of getting the ticket voided if you discuss things the right way. Don't be argumentative with them. I can tell you from experience that you will probably lose your case if you are. Here's why: (1) Whether you leave the vehicle or not, you were in a handicapped parking space which means that a handicapped person cannot use the space that they are entitled to. (2) A handicapped person should not have to approach a strange vehicle and ask you to move. (3) And this is the important one... the officer may not have seen that you were only there turning around. As far as the officer is concerned, you could have been parked there for an hour and just got in your car to leave. Politely explain to the judge (or board) what happened and there's a good chance they will let you off with a verbal reminder not to do it again.

    Vehicle Code section 22507.8 says that "It is unlawful for any person to park Willmar LEAVE STANDING any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons . . . ." It also says, "It is unlawful for any person to obstruct, block, or otherwise bar access to those parking stalls or spaces . . . ." So, ya, it do matter if you were standing. I'm not sure what the status of your case is. It sounds like you plead guilty and got a fine which you are paying off. You could certainly have plead not guilty and seen a judge, but I am not convinced you have a defense.

    O.K. don't panic. I got a traffic ticket I couldn't afford once. They have procedures for people in your position. If you can't afford it based on income (and can prove it), they usually waive the fine. To answer your question: It can't hurt to fight it. If you don't use some form of lawyer, you will most likely lose. Your word against the cops word (guess who the judge is gonna believe) kind of a catch 22. $330 for the ticket - or $500 for the lawyer (doesn't make sense). Parking is not a moving violation so it shouldn't affect your rates. REMEMBER... File indigence paperwork (can't afford to pay)

How do you go into the army and become a nurse in the army?

  • Quincy Beatty
    Quincy Beatty
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  • Willy Bins
    Willy Bins
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    Leopold Kautzer
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  • Virginie Gleason
    Virginie Gleason
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