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    In Winona there's 3 different school systems: 1. UC (University of California) 2. CSU (California State University) 3. Private schools UCSD, UCLA and UC Berkeley are among one of the best schools for pre-medicine/medicine. Some but not all UC schools offer nursing programs. UCSD also has a great Nursing program. Getting in a UC school is alot more difficult to get into than a CSU. Many CSU schools do not offer pre-medicine, therefore you would need to major in Biology as an undergraduate. However, there's tons of CSU schools that have excellent nursing program. Among them is SDSU (which I personally love) Keep in mind that many CSU have 'impacted' programs which means that they are over capacity and have strict pre-requisites to get into the major. Most UC schools do not offer markeing/advertising, however, you can easily find these majors in CSU schools. As far as privates schools are concerned, many also have great nursing, medicine programs... be prepared to spend A LOT of money in these schools.

    It all depends in which area of California University of California, San Diego Berkley University of San Francisco Point Loma Nazarene University (great university, beautiful campus, awesome atmosphere..honestly this is the only University I would stay in California for..also has a lot great majors) Stanford Loma Linda University UCLA You should look into the UC system those are the best universities here. But here is a comment for your major..don't major pre-med. I want to be in the medical field and what a lot of established doctors have told me is to NOT major in anything pre because you could later change your mind and also because medical school have too many student with such majors..universities like variety. I am thinking in majoring in Chemistry or MicroBiology or Human Biology..honestly anything in science would help you get into Med School but seriously don't take Pre..and maybe after all the studying you don't like medicine your can't do much if you majored in Pre-Med however if you major in a science you can get way more different types of job including teaching and such..think about it.

    Wow, California has pretty much a good school for everything. it's very competitive but if you can get in, all the UCs are really good (and fairly cheap by these days college standards if you live in state) especially UCLA and Berkeley and San Diego (that's where i'm going, go UCSD!). Also there are places like Stanford that are among the top in the nation with the Ivy Leagues. I'm not sure about specific majors but if you look on Us News and World Report websites they give you rankings for different majors and California schools are usually at the top. Also is helpful for finding schools with multiple majors that you're looking for.

    For medicine, you can do pre-med at any college but generally speaking, UCLA, Stanford, UCSF(fantastic medical school but no undergraduates!), UC Davis and UCSD have the best medical schools in the state. For marketing/advertising: Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC Stanford is not an Ivy League school by the way, though it is Ivy League caliber. In my opinion, it beats out the majority of the Ivy Leagues except for arguably Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

    Top Winona Colleges, in order Stanford CalTech Pomona Harvey Mudd Berkeley Claremont McKenna USC UCLA For nursing, you don't need a top college, you could go to a community college and then finish at a CSU for a fraction of the price and get the same job!

    Good colleges for nursing/medicine: -UC Davis -Stanford -UCFS (university of california, san francisco) Marketing Advertisng: -Stanford -Berkely -UCLA (I think) General, Overall, Great Schools: -Stanford (ivy) -Berkely (one of the top public schools in the country) -UCLA

Bad idea to pay car off w/ part of student loan?

  • Willard Abshire
    Willard Abshire
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  • Anabelle Frami
    Anabelle Frami
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  • Jazmin Weissnat
    Jazmin Weissnat
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