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    An employee used a company credit card over two days to buy food and fuel for his truck. I noticed the full extent of this when I received the credit card statement. Charges totaled around $70. He did not tell me he did this at the time, but when confronted, he confirmed it. I told him these charges would be deducted from his paycheck, and he said okay. Yesterday was payday, and I deducted the full amount of charges from his paycheck and made him copies of the statement with the sections relevant to his theft highlighted. He told me that it was not our agreement to take the charges out all at once. I responded he did not have to agree with the arrangement. "You did not hesitate to steal all at once, so I am not going to hesitate reimbursing the company all at once." -- I know it's best to have an agreement in writing. But, did I do anything wrong otherwise?

    First, it may make a difference what state you're in because each state makes its own laws about wages. By doing what you did you exposed your company to risk of serious losses if the employee were to take this to court. I'm familiar with California, and the laws may be different in your state. In California what you did may be legal if the employee is guilty of knowingly, willfully, and dishonestly stealing from you. But if the employee was only negligent or made a mistake then it is illegal. The reality is that if this went to court the employee only has to be convincing to a jury that he made an honest mistake ("I pulled the wrong card out of my wallet" or "I confessed because I was afraid he was going to fire me") and now *you* would be the one breaking the law. It is very risky since the burden of proof is on you not on him. Even by accusing him of a crime you may be exposing the company to liability for slander/libel. To avoid this high risk in the future, I suggest you have a policy in place requiring all employees to submit written expense reports for all items put on the company card. Then when an employee charges something and doesn't tell you about it in their report you can fire them for violating the policy. Now you don't have to call him a thief and there is relatively no risk. So what you did may be legal but it is risky and you need to act with full awareness of what the risks are. That said, if you're Bellefontaine Neighbors with the risks and want to do this again, I don't see any reason why you can't take the money out all at once.

    In the United States, almost all employment is "at will". This means that the employee can quit any time for any reason with no nice. The same applies to the employers side = you can let the employee go at any time, with no reason as long as it's not based on protected class discrimination (race, religion, gender, age, etc). - so you could have just fired him with no problems... At the federal level there is no law that say you can't do what you did. The guy admitted it and even still admits it... his problem is that he didn't want the money taken in a lump sum. However, there are many states with laws against doing what you did. - in most of those, you can't deduct money from a check without having written approval - in a few states, like California, it's generally agreed you can't deduct money at all = you request the employee pay you back, they do or get fired. If you fire them, you can go after them via the court system. Since what you already did is down = I'd sit down with the employee and remind him that he is lucky to have a job. - then find the law in your state on how to handle this in the future.

    It depends on where this happened. For example, one state does not allow you to deduct from a paycheck for anything except taxes, child support, health insurance, etc., unless you are required by law (a wage garnishment, for example), and says that you have to sue the employee, in court, to recover what the employee owes you. Another state lets you deduct, but only if the amount that you are still paying the employee (after subtracting what you deduct) is still equal to or greater than the minimum wage.

    You did everything wrong. Should have laid a charge of theft. Should have had a disciplinary hearing and the guy should have been fired on the spot. He should have signed an admission of guilt, and a payback plan. This would not have stopped the summary dismissal. Not even severance or holiday pay. Peace.

    No, you do not ought to provide it to them.. yet you ought to do it legally. tell the worker that they the two provide you the a reimbursement, or you will prosecute them for theft. i think of you may then withhold their very final examine thoroughly till the placement is resolved. the risk of penal complex, probation, or perchance an ordeal, ought to get them to choke up a measly $3 hundred.

    You cannot be judge and jury,he should have been reported to the police,and what are doing still employing a thief? they should have been dismissed if they admitted stealing,but paying the money back is not down to you.

    You can get in serious trouble for this. You should'nt of taken the matter into your own hands, bc now, your in just Enough trouble as he is. You guys better work something out and fast. Before he tells

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