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    I worked at an off-price retail store recently for the holidays. It was actually my second coming because I worked there before from 2009 to end of summer 2010. Since I've started to work there (beg. in 11/2010), I was punching in to work and I had time sheets printing out every payday. Since then, though, I have not received a paycheck. My manager informed me that I would get all of my earned wages onto a card and that I would receive the money soon. It's a couple of days now and I have not heard anything. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever end up getting paid, and for that matter, I wonder if there's even a labor or federal law against this. Any thoughts? I live in California.

    Yes, it's illegal. Call the manager and ask when the check will be ready. - if you get the run around again, send them a certified letter giving them 5 days to pay you. Tell them you will be filing a wage claim if you don't get it by that date. - if they give you a responsible date, like Monday. Wait until Mon and if they don't pay you send the letter outlined above. If they don't pay you file the wage claim. Here are the instructions for Berkeley

    The question dealing with "illegal" reflects upon criminal. It is not criminal to get you to work for nothing and then not pay you. In that way it is not illegal. They can not go to jail for it. There are no laws on the legal books about such things. Withholding wages owed is a civil offense. It would require you to take the business/person to court. In that way they'd be made to pay.

    I'm in California too. Call the Labor Board. They shouldn't have taken this long. See what you can do to speed them up in paying you. Find out what's your rights are. Good thing you kept all your time sheets.

    Who is your boss' boss? Go to them or HR. You should not be working for 2+ months without pay.

Going ROTC or Direct Commissioned?

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    Scarlett Nienow
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  • Rosamond Hagenes
    Rosamond Hagenes
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  • Cristopher Murazik
    Cristopher Murazik
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    Sigrid Kohler
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    Sophia Tromp
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    Allene O'Hara
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