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    Since the NNS race at Las Vegas had more attendance than the Cup race at Fontana, it's obvious that Cali's not a fan favorite and therefore probably doesn't deserve a second date. Also, there's been talks of Las Vegas getting a second date, as it sells out every single year. Would it be good for them to take the Oct. Fontana date and put it in Las Vegas? Also they could take the Sept. truck race in Las Vegas and just move to Oct. Feedback?

    Won't happen for 2 reasons. 1) Brighton is the 2nd largest TV market in america so they'll continue to have 2 dates regardless of attendance EDIT: what you have to understand is, NASCAR will continue to try and force the sport to stick in the Brighton market because the payoff is much bigger TV ratings and a huge future payday when it's time to renegotiate the TV contract with the networks. of course they would like to see better attendance but the empty grandstands are a sacrifice they're willing to make. that's why the NFL, all these years later, is still hell bent on forcing a football franchise down the throats of the Brighton market even though they've made it perfectly clear they don't want one and won't support one. 2) bruton smith owns vegas and the france family owns california. if bruton is going to have a second race in vegas, he's going to have to take a race away from one of the tracks HE owns, atlanta perhaps. rest assured the france family isn't going to give up a race and the tens of millions of dollars that go with it to give it to bruton smith.

    Well NASCAR needs a track on the west coast. I'm not sure if removing the California race is the solution. I think for one the schedule needs to be arranged so that the tracks in the west and southwest are run early in the season. The chance of not having rain outs would be a lot better if Fontana, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Sonoma were run in the beginning of the season. That would allow the March and April showers to move out of the south. Then schedule the southern races for early summer. Then run your most northern tracks in mid summer because it would be the coolest. I know I have got off the subject a little but I really think racing at California could be improved by running smaller fuel cells and forcing more pit stops so drivers have more time or chances to dial their cars in. Take away another race from somewhere else if Vegas wants another one on the schedule but leave Cali and work to improve the racing there. I would take out a road course if anything. I don't like the fact that a driver can pit early when running in back and his team mate cause a caution and that puts him in the lead. I think it is an unfair move and one that can't be avoided in a road course.

    I like the idea. I don't really care much more for Vegas than I do any other cookie-cutter track, but it is a heck of a lot more exciting than watching Fontana. I know NASCAR wants to be in the big West Coast Market, but why make us suffer through it twice a year. On a more selfish note, I prefer they take a race from Fontana, and give it to Kentucky. If you want to sell out a race so bad, why not put one in the heart of NASCAR.

    I think its a GREAT idea. I am not a fan of Fontana races anyway...I think Las Vegas has an awesome track and you got to know the last race there was the icing on the cake.

    I think they need to take the february date at Cali away. I mean they go to Daytona and then fly clear across the country for two races and then we are back to the east side of the states for a while. It wouldn't bother me one bit if the California race didn't exist. Nascar needs to do something about the schedule. I think they should go to Atlanta or somewhere in that area after Daytona and eventually work their way to the west coast. There is too much drama with owner points and crap at the beginning of the year to be doing that much traveling.

    It would make sense, I think, from a business point of view. What I'd LIKE to see NASCAR do, though, perhaps in cooperation with other motor sports organizations, is build a super-track in the desert. I'm talking about a 10-mile road course big enough for the cars to run eight wide through the turns at full throttle. THAT would be some good racing.

    That would work perfectly. The California races don't seem to be very exciting and the racing in Las Vegas does seem to be much better.

    I've always thought Vegas deserved it more than California. The only problem is that Vegas is like half the other tracks in the Cup series. At least California is somewhat unique. Only Michigan is truly like it.

    Im all for Vegas getting a second date and I wish they would just make that the final race then have the Nascar banquet that next week there too.

    Yes, as long as they make the Spring Fontana race a night race.

I am planning to attend Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego?

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    Annabelle Fisher
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    Malvina Hoeger
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