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    Ok so, I'm from California and I consider myself a feminist and I get the impression that a lot of feminists don't like the U.S. government, well I also don't like the government, especially the current administration, but I still love the USA and I personally believe that we do have freedom here and I feel like I was lucky to be born in a nation like this. Also, a lot of great feminists have come from America, like Catherine McKinnon (even though I disagree with some of her beliefs, I still think she was a great feminist) so I think that’s something to be proud of, and if we had no freedom of speech, those feminists never would have been able to do what they did. I think the US has a lot of problems at the moment, but I still like it here and even though I’ve traveled to many countries, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. So, is that wrong? I feel like I shouldn’t feel that way?

    In response to the first answer, I don't think I'm a nationalist, that's a little extreme, but I do consider myself patriotic and aware that I was fortunate to be born here. Even with all our problems, I think we’re very lucky compared to some places on earth, and I think it will be even better if we can elect a president like Obama =)

    Your country, or your government? Feminists will side with whomever gives them the better deal. If the current administration is not giving enough concessions, then they with support whomever is in opposition. Feminism is about wanting more. It will always follow the biggest payday.

    I love the land and my fellow people and I define "my country" as that, because thats what it is THE GOVERNMENT is some warmongering robbers I hate them and i hate the apathy that leaves them there getting away with it. They ARE the party that represents the male interest exclusively (boys playing 'war' and 'cops&robbers' Cape Girardeau ADULTS, wrecking whole countries and lives by the millions to do it, and fleecing us to boot!) And that not ok Feminism...go read my starred answers I cant keep writing it again and again. It needs direction. It needs an image change. It needs an agenda that would be helpful normal domestic stuff done by women legislators they could elect (you know instead of just warring and caging people AND THATS ALL--> we could actually do some things decent like education, childcare, health, ending the poverty cycle , fixing the roads and bridges, reinstating the safety regs, truth in advertising laws, bankruptcy laws that were bogusly taken, reforming tax laws, staying within budget, paying OFF the debt... Noone would be against that stuff! Except that everybody's left to be brainwashed into being good parrot heads for the jerks that rob us and leave all that needed stuff undone! You MIGHT have to wake some people up! it took the Rep's 35 years to take over the government. It took the 1st waveof femibnism 70 years to make its accomplishments if women started NOW they could expect to spend some real time dedicated to organizedly playing the system as it is to get in and change it. AND THATS A GOOD THING im saying Feminism good The government we have needs to be fired, and tried as criminals. (No that ISNT overstating it!) And yes I do love this country, the land that it is, my fellow and sister people, So you CAN do all three. It's no conflict.

    It's absolutely Cape Girardeau to be a feminist and still love America! I am and I do. Feminism and politics certainly overlap; neither is mutually exclusive of the other. For instance, I love the Constitution because it guarantees EVERYONE a nice big list of basic human rights and then proclaims that any rights not enumerated belong to the states and the people. The reason why I hate the government is because it routinely flouts the Constitution and takes that power from the people for its own selfish needs. However, I am still allowed to voice my feminist ideologies in America, something I could not do in dozens of other countries without risking my (or my family's) life.

    Quite the opposite. Your feminist views mixed with strong positive nationalist feelings will be an asset to you and to feminism as a whole. People who swing too far left in dislike of their own government are at risk of developing some warped views. You sound like you're on better track to remain balanced.

    When has an American feminist said that she disliked her country? Patriotism and feminism are as compatible as patriotism and anything else. (Except treason, I mean.)

    No! each person is an indivial

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  • Lindsey Jerde
    Lindsey Jerde
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  • Emanuel Cartwright
    Emanuel Cartwright
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    Skye Feest
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