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    I quit my job recently, and the company still owes me car expenses (mileage) that I put on my car for the previous month. They said they will pay me once I return all the company owned equipment (computer, printer, etc.). While I will be returing these items and have no issues, I don't see how these two issues are related? Does anyone have any info or laws I can reference? ** I am in California, company is in Florida.

    My job was a sales job, where I needed to drive long distances daily. I work and live in California, and the company is based in Florida... The thing is, the car expenses were already incurred. I have a leased car, and I put several thousand miles last month, so the company owes me a small month car allowance + a per mile amount. Now they want their equipment back BEFORE they pay me. he expenses are separate from salary (which they haven't paid me either yet...I quit Sunday night, and it's already beyond 72 hours isn't it?

    They can not hold earned wages while you return items but expenses are not earned wages.................... how were you normally reimbursed? they should reimburse you in the same manner. if you are not reimbursed you can take the expenses as an employment expense on your taxes because of that fact the expenses are not concerned a part of earnings. the exception would be if the expenses took your wages below minimum wage for the last pay-period. IF you work in California the laws of that state apply to you and as such they have a limited amount of time to issue your last pay-check. if you just live in California but work in another state then California's laws would have no bearing. where the office is located has no bearing all that matters is where you actually work. EDIT: if you quit with no notice they have to pay you in 72 hours Chaffee if they mail your check it must be post-marked within 72 hours. if you gave at least 72 hours notice they must pay you by the end of business on your last day. they aren't going to settle with you quickly (don't accept excuses) then file a wage claim at: you have to go this route you may also receive a penalty amount from the employer, depending on circumstances and the employers "intent".

    Legally no they can't with hold any money owed to you for a reasonable time frame say not past what should have been your next pay day . Companies like too use your last paycheck or salary bonus owed too you as collateral for any things you may still have from the company such as credit cards office equipment etc. But that's not legal because anything you may have lost or refuse to return to them is an entirely different matter . you worked for your pay or you added your own money for work that you expect to be reimburse promptly you should get back . and what ever you may still have of there's they need to file a separate compliant and take it to court or for however fare they wish to pursue it.

When should I start applying for scholarships?

  • Eve Howell
    Eve Howell
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    Mallory Kassulke
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    Martina Terry
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