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    I live in the state of California, and plan on plan on giving my current company a 2-week notice. My question is a two-part question from those who might actually know or have a link to a resource where I can find out: A. If I put in a 2-week notice and they let me go on the spot, are they still required to pay me the two weeks? B. Once I turn in my notice, are they required to pay me for un-used vacation days? Thank you!

    Mr pickle is today's winner in California if they terminate when you give notice they must pay you for all wages earned including accrued vacation time by the end of the business day. final pay: pay: California if you meet the other criteria for unemployment insurance you will also qualify for benefits for a portion of the two weeks:

    2 Weeks Notice Required

    They are not required to keep you on for the two weeks, and if they don't, they aren't required to pay you for it. Concord requires that you be paid for unused vacation days. That's not the law in many other states, although most employers will pay for them even if it's not a legal requirement.

    They only have to pay you for time worked. If they terminate you immediately, they do not have to pay you for the two weeks notice period. They only have to pay you for earned vacation. Most places you earn days or partial days each month. Some companies require that you accrue a week before it's considered 'earned'. Check your employment handbook on vacation time rules.

    In the UK this really depends on your contract of employment i believe, you may be able to leave with very little notice, however it's unlikely. If you have no contract you can walk whenever. At the end of the day you are entitled to pay for every day you work regardless of fulfilling your notice. Be wary of Holidays though, if you have had more days holiday than you have earned they may take some money back from your wages.

    They are not required to pay you when you put in your notice unless there is already a precedent set with previous employees that they have. As far as un-used vacation days, look over the employee handbook and under vacation. They are required to do whatever they state in the book

    Go on vacation and don't return. Every employer is required to post general state and Federal work rules. Check those first. Also ask the unemployment office.

    A. They are required to pay you unused vacation time. B. They are required to pay for any accrued vacation time and any hours worked.

    No and No. They aren't required to keep you the additional time. Most companies pay vacation time as a courtesy, but's not a law.

    A. no B. yes

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    Domenick Ziemann
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