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    "Volunteer"? Nuh uh. Absolutely illegal! One problem you have at this point, however, is the fact that you have not likely filled out any paperwork with them since they are asking you to "volunteer" for them. Make notes of the times you worked for them and give the dept. of labor a call to ask them about this. Again, if you haven't filled out any paperwork with this company, you're going to have to tell them that when you speak to them (dept. of labor). But as long as you have some kind of documentation to show the hours you have worked for free as a "volunteer" there, you may be able to go after them for your time. The link to find the local offices in Desloge is listed below: other option is to wait until their payday to see if they do pay you for that time before squealing...just on the off chance that you're wrong and misunderstood them! :) Good luck!

    Were you told that when you applied? Did you have an interview? Did they tell you that they want you to volunteer first? Was there a set pay rate discussed? You are there for money-not volunteer. Was the job for pay or volunteer? You should have figured this out before. No-don't do it. IF they don't agree to pay you-and they are changing their story- then leave.

    You should only volunteer your time at non profit agencies, such as a hospital, blood bank, etc. Volunteering for a for profit company is only benefiting them, not you. They could lead people on by saying they need the prospective employee to volunteer a day or more and end up getting free help.

    I'd call the Dept. of Labor and ask if this is legal in California. I don't know of jobs ask you to volunteer instead of pay you for your training hours. You need gas for your car and food.

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    I sure wouldn't work for a company that treated its employees that badly. And the person who told you it is not legal is wrong.

    Not legal. Training time is paid time.

Is there any method or service free of charge that allows you to check if your social security number is used?

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