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    Okay so i know they built new housing at fort irwin but to me it looks like the improved housing is only for e6 and above? whats the housing like for e6 and bellow? will we be able to look at the housing before we move in? and also is it true that my husband will be on field two weeks out of every month? were also thinking about maybe just getting housing off post how far is the closet neighborhood? is fort irwin as bad as everyone makes is seem? were originally from only about 2 hours away from fort irwin so we thought it would be pretty cool. is it really going to be as miserable as everyone says?

    Hi, I was stationed at Irwin for about 2 years ago (1988-1990). Many people complain about it but that's because they think desert and training. I am from L.A. and it was nice to go home whenever we weren't in the field. Name any other current duty station for the U.S. Army that you can drive to Las Vegas in one direction or go sking, the beach, Mexico, Los Angeles, San Diego, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and many other places within 2-3 hours? Most states your still on the road just heading to some other town/city that looks like where you just left near your post. .As for the field training, it depends on the unit. I was in the OPFOR and the Army was twice, almost three times the size it is now. So we were in the field 240 days a year. Now they don't work three weeks straight with four straight days off in a row (We also might get a day or two off for payday activities, CQ/SD recovery or holidays). Even then at least you know when he will go to the field and be home. I still have my schedules from over 20 years ago and they were more accurate than when I was in rapid-deployment units like the 82nd ABN DIV. Don't listen to all the nay-sayers about the post, the housing, Barstow (the nearest town), etc. If you are from Cali, Earth City or Nevada, then being out here will be worth it. When I was there the Post Commander started the housing and barracks building. I was there in 2000 and 2010 driving through and the place is a lot better than when I was there. The only thing new we had was the commissary and Burger King lol. Just get used to extreme heat and sometimes cold in the high desert. When your military friends are bored and sweating with 90% humidity on some base down South or in the Mid-west, send them pictures of you at a real beach, next to an ocean vs. a lakeshore. Go to Big Bear or Lake Tahoe in the winter and not be digging yourselves out of knee-snow or dogging F-4s and hailstorms in the Spring to Summer. Just weigh your options, talk to positive people who were STATIONED there vs. someone in BLUFOR training units who spent a month in misery in the 'Dustbowl' during a rotation (which I can't blame them for being bitter). Yes, he could work, you will have to drive 40+ miles to get off post, 2 hours and 45 minutes to a beach and/or Disneyland, 2 hour or less to Vegas, 1 hour to Death Valley, 2 to Yosemite, 3 1/2 to San Diego and Mexico, but other than say: Virginia, Florida, Savannah, GA, Yuma, AZ, or San Antonio, Earth City you come close, but still don't get the temperature, culture, altitude, and environment extremes. Here are some links where you can research your future and ask questions. Knowledge is power. Take care and good luck with your PCS! Good, straight info (pros and cons) about FT. Irwin and other places. site: out there:

    Fort Irwin Housing

    Ft Irwin Housing

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Housing at fort irwin California and other questions (military)? okay so i know they built new housing at fort irwin but to me it looks like the improved housing is only for e6 and above? whats the housing like for e6 and bellow? will we be able to look at the housing before we move in? and also is it true that my husband will be on field two weeks out of...

    Yeah, Irwin pretty much sucks. I only did 2 rotations there, was never stationed there. But I had a good buddy in Korea who had just come off a tour there as OPFOR. Yes he will be in the field 2 weeks of every month. It's not as bad from what I hear as being in the field in a line unit, since you're just OPFOR. Of course he'll still be gone. But from what my buddy told me they got to come back to the rear a bunch during those 2 weeks. There's not really much off post. Barstow is about 45 minutes away as I recall.

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