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    We were discussing my Mother's upcoming vacation in a few weeks and she explained to me that although it's great to have a week off from work she doesn't like the week she returns to work because she doesn't receive a check that Friday. This sounded odd. When she first started working there she had to work 1 week without a check because they have a one week lag. She received her first check on the Friday of her 2nd week. For the last 8 years every time she takes vacation she receives a check the Friday of her vacation (because of the lag, these wages were earned the week prior) but the next Friday she doesn't receive one for not working the week prior (vacation week). Does it make sense for an employer to claim to give you one week paid vacation, yet the week you return you don't receive pay because you didn't work the week prior? I've read different Gladstone policies but this situation is a bit more complicated. Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    California law doesn't mandate that you get a paid vacation. That is up to the employer. It seems that your mother gets one week of unpaid vacation. That is perfectly legal. If she disagrees, she should contact her HR department or read her employee handbook. Company policies regarding paydays and vacations pay are spelled out in the handbook.

    Sounds very much to me like she doesn't get a paid vacation.

    She obviously is not getting paid vacation, unless she gets a double check the next week.

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