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    Go to this site: on either (pdf) or (doc) where it says: Time, Manner and Payment of Wages - English - Updated 11/08 ( pdf) ( doc) That explains it in full. Also, if you decide you have a claim they have the paperwork for you to fill out on the site too (more towards the top). Good Luck.

    Contact the State Labor Board and file a claim. The state labor board acts to enforce and arbitrate the issue, for free. Hiring an attorney cost money and a lawyer may not take your case since you're paycheck may not be that much... so this becomes more of a small claims court case. If you file a small claims lawsuit, be sure to cite laws that gives "damages".

    You should always consult with a lawyer when unsure about your rights, but this sort of thing is really easy to deal with in court. You claim they owe you, the judge asks for their employment payment records, then they are unable to prove that you've been paid. The judge will order you be paid, perhaps with damages (though that's dependent on other factors).

    Under Grandview law an employer is penalized one days pay for every day they are late paying the wages, up to a maximum of 30 days. DLSE does not directly sue for the recovery of wages - you need to sue your employer yourself. However, you probably don't need a lawyer as you can sue them in small claims court. Richard

    You can call the state or federal tax departments and make sure that the required deductions have been made. You really should look for another job. A business that doesnt pay its employees is maybe going to fail. What pay period is normal for you ? weekly , two weeks or monthly. There are penalties for paying late.

Is Sallie Mae the only servicer used for Stafford student loans? ?

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