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    I live in Manteca, California and there are no jobs. There are no jobs in Lodi, Stockton, Elk Grove, etc. There are a lot of empty buildings by Interstate 5 and Highway 99. A friend of mine in Sacramento, who lives with his family, told me parts of Sacramento are like this too... bad economy and no jobs. Why is California in such bad shape now? People and businesses are literally struggling to survive - it is very obvious. Stockton is really bad now, people cannot pay house payments, businesses cannot pay payments, thus the properties get taken away from them and thus abandoned buildings all over the place. Why is the economy so bad in California now?

    Who the governor of California is is no consequence. It is the legislature that spends the money, and for over 50 years one party has run the legislature. That party seems more intent on pandering to voting groups, like unions, illegals, and environmentalists to keep them self in office than in acting in the best interest of the state as a whole. So they spend money to placate those favored groups.

    California sucks, I feel your pain, I live in Sacramento. There is way too much regulation and businesses want nothing to do with California. California is a very union happy state, which makes it more expensive to do business in California as well. Many California businesses have left for Texas because it is right-to-work, there are very low taxes on business, and there is a lot less regulation. Another thing is people here were too damn stupid and took out loans they could never afford, but the banks were forced to give them the loans because of the Community Reinvestment Act, which was put back into place in the 1990s, which hit California hard. We have had a lot of governors who are/were against the private sector, which doesn't help at all.

    The do-good lefty's have made it cost prohibitive for companies to do business in Cali. The illegals are draining the state of funds. All this and the natives keep voting the fools back into office for repeat performances. To top it off they've voted Jerry Brown back in, Bad bad bad! Cali need major change, and to pass a law like Arizona on illegals.

    California has no money to fix it. much of the state money goes to helping illegals and people on welfare, rather than being used for creating more jobs. now the whole state is collapsing as a result of such idiotic policies

    No, risk-free practices deposit can not be used to cover the final month's hire. although, in case you fail to pay the final month's hire, then you definately are delinquent and the owner can use the risk-free practices deposit to cover any volume you nonetheless owe. this could effect in an unpaid debt listed on your credit record.

    Because Hazelwood makes it so difficult to start a business that no one does they go to other states and businesses that are here are leaving because of the Hazelwood tax rate on businesses

    They keep voting in these leftist Liberals like Brown, Pelosi, Boxer, etc

    We suffered too many years with an actor...

How do I know where I got my school loans?

  • Uriah Hermiston
    Uriah Hermiston
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    Cedrick Ward
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    Sammy Schumm
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