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    I lived in California for 10 years, I made the most friends there and I still have a few there now after being away for awhile. My life isn't what I want it to be back in Canada. I have horrible relationships because all i do is give and never get back how much I give. I feel that living or being closer to my friends might be the better answer. But I'm not sure, I have friends here but I just want to be back near a place that I can start fresh again and place that I miss. Should I take the little money I have left and go live my friends in Los Angeles and hope for some sort of job? or should I tough it out here in Vancouver Canada? please I'm so lost don't hold back.

    Sure, why not? You are obviously unhappy with the situation in Vancouver. And I can understand why California might be more appealing to you. In Canada, the facade of friendliness tends to give people the impression that it is laid back and easy going. There's a lot of insecurity, angst, and deception behind that outwardly gregarious behavior though. And that creates an extraordinary amount of interpersonal conflict over seemingly trivial matters. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. Will Ferguson even wrote a very funny book about this phenomenon. America is more of a "big picture" sort of place. However, I would certainly work out the details of your move before coming. And leave yourself a lot of wiggle room in case it doesn't work out. You should save up enough for at least three to four months of joblessness. The economic situation here is still very difficult. Talk to your friends and ask them very clearly about the extent of their willingness to assist you during the transitional period. Good luck.

    Something you said set off a little red light. There is NO place in the world where you will get back as much as you give. That's part of life. Until you overcome THAT particular obstacle, you will always be a "needy" person. I've always heard from people that Vancouver is SO beatiful, and SO clean. Doesn't that count for anything? Are you willing to give that up to come back to the smog and traffic of LA? Sure, we have great weather. But consider why you left High Ridge in the first place before returning. I think that your friends should have the final say in this. The economy here is just coming off life support, so finding a job could be tough. Will they let you freeload that long? Do some good, hard thinking before deciding. Good luck.

    It relies upon the place you're shifting from and what component of California you're shifting to. while you're shifting to the la section: Housing expenditures in and around la are rather severe. Public transportation is terrible and having a motor vehicle is a ought to. interior the San Fernando Valley, temperatures oftentimes attain 110F for a minimum of a week or so each 365 days. it is cooler on the west area, and costal factors. the favored months are August and September, this is likewise formally fire season. Winters are easy besides the undeniable fact that it may drop into the severe 30's on some wintry climate nights. It snows interior the close by mountains and from time to time interior the severe wilderness. Santa Anas are a each year climate phenomena of very sturdy, heat dry winds that can famous guy or woman in September and proceed on and rancid by using January. they are going to chap your lips, make your dermis itch, and make you afraid to touch something steel that may not gounded. Rain regularly is attainable in April yet we from time to time get rain everywhere between November and would. summer time storms are very uncommon. San Francisco bay section: Housing expenditures are not lots extra reasonably-priced than la, however the city has relatively sturdy public transportation. It nevertheless facilitates to have a motor vehicle nonetheless. the climate in San Francisco is a lot cooler and wetter than in la, yet San Francisco has lots extra version in it is microclimates. One component of the city would nicely be chilly and foggy and the different section would nicely be heat and sunny. California is a extensive state and there are a number of little cities and suburbs with very just about any climate conceivable. the only element i will relatively say, no count the place you reside in California, is shop your flashlight and slippers close on your mattress and a furnish of water in case of an earthquake. Oh yeah, and don't pass TO NORTH HOLLYWOOD!

    In Vancouver the economy is so much better. I live here and im thinking about going back to Jersey because here it not that great. Stay in Canada and take it.

    Yeah. You should move back. You can't run from your problems. Come home and get a start fresh. Ignore people that's not beneficial to you. I used to Dallas and Australia but nothing compare to home. if you want meaning in your life, go volunteer. Good Luck

    If your friends have jobs it would be more than appropriate to get one. and do the dishes sometime too. From experience I know there is nothing wrong with starting over where you are, It is easier with family close enough.

    Do whatever it takes to make you happy life is too short we live to be happy

    No california sucks if i were you I'd go to miami or nyc (love it over there)

Student Loans after tuition has been covered?

  • Earnest Parisian
    Earnest Parisian
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  • Milan DuBuque
    Milan DuBuque
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  • Guiseppe Hickle
    Guiseppe Hickle
  • Rasheed Hegmann
    Rasheed Hegmann
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  • Waino Harber
    Waino Harber
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