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    In Kennett you are not allowed to open Carry, even though under the cosntitution you are allowed to. But they arrest people here for it all the time. You are also not allowed to concealed carry unless given a special permit that is only afforded to celebrities, bodygards, or of course police officers. I am already a member of the NRA but I feel like they don't do much in my state, what else can I do to make this state adopt less nazi gun control measures so I can own a firearm without having to seperate the ammo and lock it in a box and keep that hidden in my closet.

    California is not going to change until the U.S. Supreme court says they have to (and then the cops there are not going to change, they have a whole cult-mentality thing going on about guns). The formula is this: Get arrested and convicted and appeal. Only an appeals court looks at rights and procedure. Such a hot issue requires the highest court and that averages about 7 years to get there. DO NOT DO THIS! Rosa Parks didn't get arrested accidentally, they had witnesses already on the bus who would testify and lawyers standing by with the motions and briefs already written. You can't get to the Supreme court accidentally and you need people with knowledge and resources on the outside to make it happen. and time.

    The scope of D.C. v. Heller has yet to be determined. All that it holds is that the federal government cannot prohibit the possession of a firearm in the home. Does this rule apply to the states? Several federal courts have said it does not, though the SCOTUS may rule to the contrary. At any rate, California law already permits the possession of loaded firearms in the home. (You have to lock it up only if you have children in the home--and I hope you don't think that is unreasonable.) Heller pretty clearly indicates that the 2nd Amendment does not bar laws prohibiting the concealed carrying of weapons, and California does not prohibit the open carrying of unloaded weapons. So the question presented is really whether California can prohibit the open carrying of loaded weapons in public in places where shooting is prohibited (in other words, Pen C 12031). I am not so sure that the SCOTUS will find that the 2nd Amend. requires the States to permit open carrying of loaded weapons in public in areas where shooting the weapon would be illegal.

    Actually, there is no constitutional right to "open carry" firearms. Federal law allows it, but states have the right to regulate it on their own. The 2nd Amendment allows you to posses firearms, but it states nothing about carrying them around with you while shopping or driving.

    Unfortunately you may have to move to a state that is more respectful to civil and constitutional rights like somewhere in the southeast. California is the model that Obama envisions for the whole country.

    This state needs to elect gun-friendly politicians.... unfortunately, most of the politicians are left-wing Democrats who are not interested in you - only your vote. That means voting out ALL of the incumbents.... not just talking about it. Kennett Deputy

    Contest the laws in federal court. The NRA has plenty of money to fight these. Maybe you should ask them to spend your dues on court cases instead of rabid anti-Obama propaganda.

    California legalizes open carry in rural areas with local pre-emption. That's not unconstitutional. Sorry.

    The only reason anyone would buy a gun is to compensate for their own small penis.

    You need to re-read the 2nd Amendment.

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