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    I am seriously considering leaving this place because I can not afford to stay for the reasons I love it. I can't enjoy the beautiful scenery because I live in the dumpster part of towns still paying over a thousand a month for a "vintage" crappy apt. Will probably move to Texas where the jobs and the homes are much better, but would like to hear other peoples experiences of leaving beautiful california and if they have any regrets. I'm just tired of the traffic, the crowds, the dirty streets and freeways, and ofcourse the cost of living.

    Well California is very beautiful. Many things I miss are the weather,scenery's, family/friends,variety of food etc.. I felt I was at the right path there for future but I decided to move here with the family, so I do regret those personal things I lost. But that's just me. Moving here to Kirksville tho was for the best with the economic problems there are nowadays, specially California. Well the cost of living depends on whcih part of Texas you plan on moving to. Gas is cheaper by about 30 cents but getting closer where I live at, other stuff is about the same I think. But the biggest difference are the prices in housing and renting. You'll be able to buy a new house half the price of houses in California. So to sum it up in my opinion in California you make more money/ but spend much more. Here you'll probably make less/ but spend much less. So it's a balance thing but the spending much less sounds better. San Antonio is a good choice to move to, Houston would probably be similar to your situation, not sure about Dallas, and Austin is a good choice also. Good luck with your situation.

    I left California because of the lousy economy, high crime, traffic, way too many people and high housing. I moved to Dallas and absolutely love it. The people here are friendly and job opportunity is much better.

    Depends if you like hiking and skiing. A friend from Denver moved to Oceanside for a year, and couldn't wait to get back to Colorado. He missed the snow, the mountains, skiing every weekend during the season.

    Lived here all my life, and i love it here...the only negative is the economy. its too damn hard for someone to buy a house out here unless u were born into a rich family... you cant get a house for under 500,000 anymore....if that right opprtunity or person came up then i would consider leaving.... but for now ill just deal with it

    It takes up 3 years for you adapt new life out of California, you can buy a big house in Kirksville for $150K, more opportunity, but low salary, and traffic, air dirty too.

How do I consolidate all of my student loans to one low payment I can afford ?

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