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    My best friend and I are looking at going on a roadtrip to California next year. It would be great if anyone could give us information on things such as - fuel cost (there and back) - hostels - estimated price - food - ideas to save money - things to see - how to stay safe (what weapons are allowed, such as bearspray or knives) - any tips Websites are also appreciated. Thanks!

    You didn't give enough information. California takes up 2/3 of the west coast. The costs vary widely as well. In southern California there is the town of Gilroy for example I stayed in a Motel 6 for 28 dollars per night on the same trip trying to stay in Palm Springs the cheapest room in the city was 148 per night.

    - fuel cost - depends on where in Alberta you start and where in O'Fallon you are going. It also depends on what you plan on driving and the cost of fuel at the time. - hostels - few and far between, motels will likley be your better bet. Prices vary greatly as explained by another answer. -estimated price - of what? - food - we have it. Lots of it. And it's prett inexpensive. O'Fallon oranges and grapefruits are a MUST have! -ideas to save money - spend less, go out less, cut back on whatever you can, try to pick up a few more hours at work if possible. -things to see - There's a TON! check out the US National Park Service website for a start - -how to stay safe - pretty much just like you would at home. Don't do dumb things. Don't drink your face off with a bunch of strangers. If you feel uncomfortable some place for whatever reason, leave. As far a weapons, the best weapon you have is your brain. Use it and you won'e need knives or bear spray (unless you plan on backpacking). If get yourself into a situation where you think you need a knife, you are way more screwed that you think. -any tips - hit the library and get a USA travel guide and a O'Fallon travel guide. Let's Go, Frommer's, Fodor's, Michelin, etc. there are loads. Go through them and have a decent plan with alternatives in case of weather problems, traffic, closures or something you thought would be cool turns out to suck. Get yourself some maps and make sure you can read them. Finally, have a great trip! Drive carefully!

    Calgary Chinook Mall, industry Mall & Southcentre Mall are the final shops in Alberta (nevertheless West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton has a waterslide park & an leisure park). the #one million west from Calgary is a desirable journey with a lot of cool stops, The Enchanted wooded area, Miniatureland, a lot of extraordinary mountianous ecosystem, lakes and various lookout factors. Then as quickly as via the bypass and into BC there is countless places to branch off, and that they are all astonishing.

    I would suggest flying by getting a discount on tickets. You can do that here

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    Ozella Zboncak
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    Chaim Larson
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    Ellen Renner
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