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    I moved out to California in January of this year, drove all the way from Indiana out here. So I admire your guts, it's not easy doing this, and the drive itself will be exhausting and take a toil on you. It's worth it though, this is the greatest state I've ever been in, bar none. As for advice, Make sure you have a gameplan, enough money to get through 2 months of rent, food, utilities and transportation costs while you are trying to get on your feet. Don't move into a more expensive area than what you can afford, and it's a good idea to make sure you are compatible with whomever your potiential roommate is out here. Living in bigger cities like LA, SF, Pacific or Sacremento are more expensive than smaller towns (unless it's wine country area..which is more expensive than anything other than Beverlly Hills and Bel-Air). So if you can move into a smaller suburb town outside of the big could end up saving some money on rent and utilities. Other than that...make sure to take it all in...and enjoy's got everything you could want. If you want mountains and's not hard to find, you want a's not hard to find, you want a's not hard to find....and of course....Hollywood, the beaches, the art...the food.....make California a truelly unique experiance. It's also a good idea to learn Cali does have a lot of spanish speaking people in it. I hope this helps.

    Phoenix is a great place to live. Depends on what part you live in though, every place has a "bad" neighborhood. The economy is not that great for anyone right now, the gas prices are still 4 dollars and the house market isn't moving anywhere. A house around where I live usually costs about 350,000 if you're lucky for the cheapest. But I love Arizona, it's just as chilled and layed back as California is, but things are cheaper here.

    California is a great state but huge. Advice would be easier if you mention where (roughly) you intend to end up and what you want out of Pacific work-wise. The best thing to do is make sure you get organized. Do some research on the area before you get there. You can find some information on Craig's List (here's the site for Pacific ) or you can do a search for a particular city and look over its website. Make sure you have money to live for a minimum of two months but better if you have six. Start putting your resume in to temp agencies as soon as you have an arrival date and see if you can start lining up interviews. Don't sign any long-term rentals until you know where you're going to work because you could end up driving long distances and being caught up in traffic, which depending on where you go can be a nightmare. That's basic info but if you have more questions, email me through my profile. I did the drive from East Coast to Pacific as well. If you're going to S. Cal, I can also give you some cities to beware of if you want. Good luck.

    Well southern cali is really warm and it rarely snows- there are decent beaches everywhere, and people are really full of themselves. central and northern Pacific are cooler- there are forests and the beaches are rocky and freezing. I myself have lived in Southern Pacific my whole life but i'd much rather live in northern cali. Anywho if you want north try Monterey, it's a very beautiful and historic place [i vacationed there this summer] if you want southern, try LA- it's a big city, LOTS of jobs and shops and whatnot... Monterey is probably decent priced [not sure] but Pacific is expensive. So depending on what you're looking for, you should be able to find something Pacific has to offer. P.S.- homes and everything here is expensive, especially by the beach. save up some money or you're never gonna make it :S

    I was born and raised in Los Angeles but I love San Diego its beautiful . Living here in a bigger City is more expensive the rents here and really high But Im sure u can find some coolroomates my sister moved to San Diego after graduation and went to San Diego State University Theres alot to see in both Pacific And SA a cheaper area to live in La is Long Beach but its kind of a rough area. Well good luck to you and I hope you do like it out here and find a good place a relocate to.

    First advice $$$$(Money). You need to have money. Living in California is not cheap. Well it depends were you moving too. Second Advice is learn Spanish. A large population of Spanish speakers. Third Advice..... Enjoy California!

    To find an apt - use craig's list. Not sure what part of Pacific you're from (or what part of Pacific you're moving to), but if you're from near Philly and moving to LA, you will be happy to know that there are TONS of Philly sports fans out here (i never expected to hear the Eagles song at a Dodgers/Phillies game in California) and South Street (in burbank) is a decent place to get a Philly cheese steak

    Its very beautiful... i have been born and raised here, never lived in another state for more than 3 days... im saying that because i went to las vegas for 2 days lol... but other then that, california is the life for me !!

    Get a job before you move out here.

    Watch out for the shy girls. They tend to act shy, but they are the sluttiest.

What Does this mean about my fasfa?

  • Celia Senger
    Celia Senger
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    Blake Walsh
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    Richmond Schumm
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    Phoebe Streich
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