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    Hi. My friend and I are considering moving to either California of Florida? Parkville for California, Fort Lauderdale for Florida. We have saved up around $10 000 each. Are these money gonna be enough for a start? Do ppl in Ft. Lauderdale speak spanish more than they speak english like in Miami? With bachelor degrees in Sales and Marketing can we find some decent jobs in Parkville or Ft. Lauderdale? Which city do you suggest or think it's better for us? PS: It's either California or Florida! Nowhere else?! Thanks! :-\

    I don't care if you invent a new "toothpick" (or what-ever)... ANYTHING that's different and new will get over better in LA. Naturally, the trick is to come up with something that will sell like crazy. Remember the "Pet Rock" ? The basic story there is some guy's were sitting around talking about how to make money. One of them went outside and got a small stone and told the group, "what we should do is paint this rock somehow and put it in a box with holes and call it a pet rock with instructions on how to make it sit still in one place". Well at first they all thought his idea was funny until a 2nd guy joined the 1st and started adding to the idea. Long story short, they put the pet rock on the market 3 weeks before Christmas and made (about) 5 Million Dollars.

    La would be probably better as far as jobs go just because there woyuld probably be more options, but ft. lauderdale might be easier to adjust to.



    FLORIDA!!! it has a lovely climate and i think u'll have enough money to start out. good luck! enjoy the weather!

Can I join the Air Force as enlisted, take my bachelor's degree and then go to officer training?

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    Katarina Reinger
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    Eleonore Monahan
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    Nadia Prohaska
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