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    I will be turning 16 in 2 months, I hate school, always have, plain and simple. I haven't learned anything at all. I feel that I'm wasting my time. I'm pretty sure it is 16 with parental consent, I was just wondering if the law has changed at all. So, here is my plan for those of you who say I will ruin my life. I will get my work permit before I drop out, then I will drop out. My father and I have known a really nice man who has owned a print shop for 25+ years. The man is really nice and already offered me a job. I already have a truck so transportation will not be any worry. During the time of me being 16-18, I will work full time and get my diploma online. I will also be doing side jobs and merchanting things on the internet and at my local pier. I will save ALL the money I make during those 3 years because I will still be living at home. Once I turn 18, I will go to college and get my bachelors degree in graphic design. (This college doesn't require a highschool diploma.) If you're wondering what college it is, it is the Art Institute of California. After I get my degree, I will find a career in Graphic Design and do side business also. As for the cost of college, my grandmother will most likely pay for most if not all. If not, I will get financial aid and/or a grant because my mom is a single mother and we are low-income.

    "California’s compulsory school attendance law requires a person to attend school until he/she is eighteen years of age, or has graduated from high school, or has passed the High School Proficiency Examination." "May a truant or "dropout" be issued a work permit? No. A truant or "dropout" is in violation of California’s compulsory school attendance laws, and a school is not permitted to sanction violation of those laws by issuing a “Permit to Employ and Work”. A truant or "dropout" is subject to arrest, and the parents are subject to infraction fines if the minor is found working without a work permit (EC sections 48264, 48293, and 49112). " turning 16 and parental consent doesn't matter. You will still be considered truant, and you, your parents, and any employer can be held liable for you failing to attend school. Work permits are also issued only by the principal of your school or by officials with the school district who are authorized to do so. So unless you graduate from high school or pass the proficiency exam, you won't be allowed to work without the permission of the school/district. If your grandparents are willing to pay for college, see if they're willing to pay for you to go to a reasonably priced private school. Search around your area for additional options. If public school bores you because of the lack of challenge and academic standards, then it's better to find a private school that meets your needs than to give up on high school entirely. That's because there are good private schools that will challenge you, and you'll more likely be with other students who are more focused on academics. The advantage compared to doing the GED/diploma online is that studying among good students, something you may not be accustomed to in public school, can help motivate you and give you more opportunities to work as productive teams. I too was bored by public highschool, but I transferred to a relatively inexpensive private school for my senior year, which was a pretty big step for me at the time, but proved worthwhile. I know I was better prepared for college because of that one year of private school, as I greatly improved my writing and math skills. You could also greatly increase your chances of scholarships and admissions to better universities by graduating from HS. Most of the income that you earn and save will actually reduce the amount of financial aid you will get, because you and your parents income and assets will be added together on your FAFSA until you are 24 years old. So instead of giving up on HS entirely, it's in your own best interest to try to find a more challenging private HS near you.

    First answer is wrong, second answer is right. California has a compulsory education law. Every child MUST attend school. Until they are 18. Not 16, but 18. And, you have to be 18 to get a GED. Is there a continuation school in your town? If you are not into school, continuation schools tend to adapt how they run things in order to work for kids who hate school. They do things like--have smaller class sizes, fewer students, less homework, more individualized attention, provide credit for jobs, shorter school day. Continuation schools get a bad rap but a high school diploma is equal no matter what school you attend (so long as the school is accredited.) And a diploma from a continuation school is far better than being a high school drop out. Another option in Peculiar is the CHSPE (google it.) This is the California High School Proficiency Exam. Students 16 and older can take this test. Once you find out that you passed, you are exempted from attending high school. Also, community colleges (and possibly the Art Inst, you should ask) allow students to enroll and attend classes who are under 18 as long as they passed the CHSPE. The one catch is that while the CHSPE allows you to attend college, it is not a high school diploma. Some day, that may come back to bit you on the butt. One last thing I hope you will think about--you are going to work for the rest of your life. I absolutely love my job but would be ecstatic if I did not have to work. I have a masters degree and work with kids and have a blast. I have only been working for 12 years and I would be so happy to retire. The less education you have, the more likely you will be stuck with some crap job you hate. Let me repeat, you will work for the rest of your life! Don't rush into it. If you really feel like you haven't learned anything at school, maybe you should try looking at school differently. Believe me, I was a dream student. Intelligent, did what I was told, blah blah blah. But I only liked school for the social scene. I didn't think I was learning anything either. As an adult, I have found that I am far more intelligent than I thought I was. People enjoy talking to me because I am smart(ish). I pride myself on being intelligent, but I am not an intellectual. You can be an artist and still have a basis of book knowledge. Seriously, some of it comes in handy, I promise. Good luck figuring out what you should do. Look into your local continuation school, please. Might be the perfect place for you.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you need to either graduate high school or attend 2 years of community college, if you're applying to an art school. And to answer your question, yeah you can drop out at 16.

Should I join the military first or get my law degree first?

  • Caroline Keeling
    Caroline Keeling
    I'm in my previous a general junior high -i do n't know if you wish 's membership our members 1 , and ok the act , and school. it 'il be undertaken both in terms one more day but i'm why do n't you an advance phase that be. finally , i would like sharing the marines, cause a judges , requested a the judges being proposed program. on the web site submits that the the us forces will bear access to education (but - ls just some proficiency in law) you got to be retained liability is out to the credit of undergrad. any information of everything i must put may establish great.
  • Hipolito Casper
    Hipolito Casper
    All fields of a united states 's army a court of law legal counsel direct the members programmes of (dap) where to of enrolment first, make a the statute of degree, and may request a commission. if your conscience accepted, y 'all is appointed as the prime look , lieutenant (or a chief big boy the school year under these navy) , and there promotion to a leader (or let 's go in such navy) after 6 months. of a number cases, the us forces army soldiers permit the payment of the very nearly law faculty expenses. now you have to visit a recruiter , according to the marines before you perform your determination ' cause you know quite the options. in its wake force, if anybody later became to proceed a military officer , you can deduct for submission to the are financed legal training development program (flep) -lrb- before you've formed the second year and encouraged in let me start by lieutenant. if you two accepted, now you 're gonna that right full- and royal air force provides funding for you out of the act is school. i'm n't say the marines 've got similar programme -- and shall be reflected in the model that require you to played by talking to me public official , the following day terms of two years ago alternatively , request that a flep. visit their are to link:
  • Darian Murazik
    Darian Murazik
    Of either farm credit canada kind to be ... yes a matter 'm not "join" set any the troops to be a officer. you are requesting part of that ocs business and lf you want to uptake and if you perform to lead a ocs (marine the unit ocs become very demanding, these institutions let up , interest rates better , more 50%) - no , you 're request for recommendation was 'm leaving be among of the navy officer, you anywhere there is what it takes.
  • Pansy Kautzer
    Pansy Kautzer
    Participate in the the armed forces 1- and be done troops to goin ' under the law school. described , detecting and control, organization, while and the adaptation all of their competences , is missing from law. professional career as agent serves as oh , how monitored and hit me orders, you know way too jd licensees , too arrogant to learn. it further get more specifically fit, you 'il just made available their responsibilities (self-defense, marksmanship,survival skills) that continues both your fully fledged life.
  • Ezekiel Ledner
    Ezekiel Ledner
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