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    My family, including 3 young adults, are visiting southern California in January. We will be spending 1-2 days in LA, as well as 1-2 days in San Diego. We are staying in Dana Point, Orange County. Some possible places we are considering are Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Universal Studios or Paramount Pictures, Sea World, and San Diego Zoo. Are these places highly recommended? What are some other recommended things to do in each of these cities?

    Disneyland is the best thing to do in California, don't waste your money on Universal Studios, young adult, old adult, any age can have a great time in Disneyland. Get a book about it if you are going to try it since you don't have a lot of time, you want to educate yourself about what you really want to see and do. San Diego is a beautiful place. You can enjoy the beaches, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach or the one further north (can't think of the name right now). Old Town, is great for the evening, have Mexican at La Pinata just outside the square, Fantastic! The zoo and Seaworld are both nice but time at the beach is just as great and free!

    Wild Animal Park in North part of San Diego is affiliated with the zoo but much more fun. Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park just north of Orange county is great for rides. Universal is better than Paramount.

    If you guys like roller coasters, you could check out Six Flags in L.A. Then there is little places like Boomers in San diego where you could go laser tagging and ride go-karts. You should also check out the beaches in San Diego. Mission Beach is a good one because they've got the boardwalk and Belmont park. I don't think January will be too cold for the beach since the suns usually shining here, but it might be breezy.

    Sea World is fun and so is the zoo. The shows there are really fun to watch,The Shamu show the Sea Lion show and some circus show are the shows i seen and i enjoyed them all. Go to all of them. They have the journey to Atlantis it a water ride and really fun. They also have this really cool ride and it takes you through the arctic i think it's 3d but i forgot. You can dine wit shamu or eat breakfast but if you do that get there early because you chose your seats. Also all the animals there are great and at the zoo the variety of animals are well have fun no matter what.

    All the places you mention are worth seeing. You might want to see if you can get tickets to be in the audience of a show such as Ellen or Jay Leno. Links for getting tickets are here: are lots of things to do in San Diego. One of my favorite things is kayaking through the caves in La Jolla. It's see lot of marine life up close. For info on kayaking and other San Diego things visit fun!

    Disneyland is fairly close to Raytown but I think the places you already mentioned might be more enjoyable for young adults. I haven't been to Disneyland since I was a kid and would love to go back.

    Old Town (shopping and yummy Mexican cuisine), Seaport Village (for eating and shopping), Sea World, the Zoo.

    I would also suggest going down to hotel del in coronado and going ice skating cuz ur in the outdoor rink thats litterally steps away from the beach. its so fun and really pretty

Paying for Graduate school with a gov't job?!?

  • Arne Lockman
    Arne Lockman
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    Annabelle Homenick
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  • Mabel Auer
    Mabel Auer
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    Liana Pfeffer
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    Jamison Ryan
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