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    A friend told me California is now full of illegals, people on welfare, etc, and that's why it's cities are going bankrupt, like Stockton and San Bernadino. Is this true? If I went to a California city tomorrow... say, Los Angeles, there would be just people from Mexico on welfare there? Why? Why would a USA state let that happen? Is it going to deport them back to Mexico?

    Dude the entire USA is pretty much bankrupt now and illegal Mexicans are overrunning California to get free welfare money by having a lot of kids. Sad but true. the U.S. is bankrupt as a result now and more illegal Mexicans are flooding in to feed off of what's left of the welfare system. All of the USA is fast becoming Mexico

    Obama just granted them amesty so the problem will likely become even worse. You're better off staying out of southern California or any border state for that matter. I've heard horror stories from people living close to the border.

    Your "friend" is a bigot, a liar, and ignorant. And you are a bigot for posting this question. If you want to worry about the effects of welfare, worry about corporate welfare, which is costing us far more than the human beings from other countries. California's problems are not due to human beings without papers. Sedalia fact, they are not likely to be on welfare or receiving government aid because they don't want to be deported. California's problems started, like most of the country, when Bush was trashing the economy. They got worse because Schwarzenegger didn't know what he was doing and continued the same kind of idiot policies and ruined the state. Now they are trying to work their way out of the mess the politicians and greedy corporations put it into. How pathetic that people are trying to blame good, hard working people who, like most of us, just want to make a better life for themselves. By the way, there are far more WHITE welfare recipients, and there are far more in the red states than the blue states. Studies have shown that if the human beings without papers were all deported, the US economy would fall apart. It would cost 285 billion dollars. I'm sure you would rather spew your racist crap than be informed, but try reading the articles below.

    That's part of it, but it's mostly the lavish salaries and pension plans. But hospitals are closing all over the place because they have to admit illegals and there's no money to pay for it.

    Both a Republican (Arnold) governor and a Democratic (Jerry) have tried to fix it and both were stopped by the state legislature.

    The state is run by liberals.

Where can I check my past Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan?

  • Martina Batz
    Martina Batz
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    Johnathan Mills
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    Kaleigh Friesen
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  • Cordell Kunze
    Cordell Kunze
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