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    I want to make money to travel and i want to know where can i find a farm in California to work in like fruit picking? where should i start, i looked in the internet but it's not really helpfull. i dont want to find a job where it ties you down, i want a job for a month or 3 so i can leave and travel across the states

    That was my goal, and still is. I quit my job a couple of years ago and wanted to do exactly what you are talking about here. Stay in one place for a time and work for a while there and then move on, either camping or staying in motels with weekly rates. I've done a fair amount of traveling, but not much working. My savings have been diminished quite a bit. Finding temp work is harder than I thought it would be. I'm thinking that cab driving might be the way to go. It's usually a pretty easy job to get and I like to drive. Years ago, I was going to pick apples in Washington, but ended up working in the warehouse instead. It was OK. Manpower and places like it used to be better than they are now. When I call these temp places they mostly just tell me to send in a resume. In big cities, craigslist can be a good source of temp jobs. Should be anyway. They tend to have a lot of listings, but nothing that really appeals to me for whatever reason. But if you are in LA, you might check out craigslist. Look in the section called GIGS. Right now, I'm trying to get on with the IRS. They have a center in Fresno, which I guess is near the central valley. Check out But I don't think Fresno is hiring right now. Ogden, Utah is though. But no, I think that listing just closed. In a few months, the US census bureau will start hiring people for the 10 year census. Temp jobs that pay fairly well. You will need to pass a test. I like tests so I always look for the jobs that require tests. As far as fruit picking goes, find the areas in California where that is done and just go there and look around and find a farm where you see people working and walk up to them and just ask about how to get a job. Check the want ads in the local papers. I just looked on and found this when I typed in "farm workers": S & H Farm Labor is recruiting 350 Farm workers that are needed for Wenden , Harquahala and Dateland area. The contract period is between 5-15-08 and 7-20-08. For Harvest Cantaloupe using hand tool, such as knives, to separate from the vine. Pay is $8.70 per hr. 56hrs per week. 3/4 of the work is guaranteed. tools and equipment are provided at not cost to the workers. Free housing is provided to workers who cannot reasonable return to their permanent residency, at the end of the work day. Transportation to the work site will be provided to paid by the employer upon completion of 50% of the work contract or earlier. Workers interested should contact the nearest Az Dept of Economic Security Employment Service Office. Reference Az job order # 304861 Source - Arizona Republic - Phoenix, Sunrise Beach I might check into this myself. Could be hard on the back. That Arizona sun could get pretty fierce too I would imagine. But do look at It has listings from all kinds of sources and all over the country.

    Fruit Picking California

    This Site Might Help You. RE: fruit picking in California? i want to make money to travel and i want to know where can i find a farm in California to work in like fruit picking? where should i start, i looked in the internet but it's not really helpfull. i dont want to find a job where it ties you down, i want a job for a month or 3 so i can leave...

    The fruit owners will have to pay wages high enough to attract American citizens to work at fruit picking, I guess. So the price of a piece of fruit will go up a couple of cents. Oh, well, isn't that cheaper than paying the 2.5 trillion it will cost us in social security and other entitlements if we allow the low-paid illegal fruit pickers to stick around?

    Craigslist San Diego Labor Gigs

    For the best answers, search on this site I was growing up 50+ years ago, all those jobs were taken by "Colored People" as I was told. They were hardeed working than skinny little while boys. Today few black men now pick fruit, it's all tied you by another harder working people and the are from South of the Texas border.

    I frequently spend my half an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

If I was denied a parent plus loan? What's my next step?

  • Bianka Gulgowski
    Bianka Gulgowski
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  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins
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  • Sheila Cormier
    Sheila Cormier
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