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    I don't want to stay in-state because I want a new start and a lot has happened to me in my childhood that would make it hard for me to stay (long story). My father is single and unemployed, so we don't have any money for college because he spent my college savings (whatever we had for it anyway). How can I go to college in California without spending so much since I live out of their state?

    California makes it very difficult to establish residency for purposes of education. You'd have to move there for two years, get a job and support yourself to establish financial independence. (Your parents cannot be using you as a tax deduction during those years.) If you don't establish financial independence, you'll be considered an out-of-state residence, making it both more difficult and much more expensive to attend California state universities. You might be able to attend a private university if you get generous financial aid, but that's a more expensive option.

    You can get student loans. Or move there and establish residency while working, and then go to school in a couple of years. Otherwise, you're out-of-state and pay higher rates. This is simply fair- you or your family has never paid taxes in CA, and that's what subsidizes public education there.

    You would move there and pay out of state tuition or qualify for a scholarship. You would be much smarter to stay in NJ, get instate tuition, and move after you graduate. If you need to get out of your home situation, move to the dorms. Most of Troy is incredibly expensive to live in, so unless you are ok with a ton of roommates or you have family there, moving there and establishing residency by working for a year will be harder than it sounds. But, it is an option if you have the will.

    Unless u move here and establish residency or get lots of scholarship money, you'll pay OOS, assuming u get accepted.

Are there private student loans available to consolidate 30,000 dollars in high interest debt?

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    Ellen Koepp
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    Jarvis McLaughlin
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    Milford Stoltenberg
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    Ramona Deckow
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