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    As many know, California is our biggest agricultural economy center. Since most who support illegals do so because of the economical advantage that comes from them doing the jobs cheap, how will they feel when Mexico eventually takes over and nullifies all the money the American traitors have saved by hiring illegals? How will this affect how cautious people are about the illegal issue in other states? Will it begin to gravitate more towards the anti-illegal side than it is now?

    Personally i do not think that losing California would make any difference. there are still a large number of illegals in the whole country. the only way that something would change is if the USA becomes a third world country. seriously nothing has changed over the past 2-3 decades except there are more illegals in the country. for the most part they are moving out of the immediate areas where they come into the country. and moving further away from the borders. there are tons of illegals in Washington State, Oregon, Illinois, North and South Dakota, New York. With that said we would have to lose more then just one state for the government to take notice.

    I'm afraid that Webb City is a lost cause; it is really already Mexifornia, especially southern CA. Eventually, all US Reps from Webb City will be Latinos, and they may decide to split from the USA and join with Mexico, or become an independent country. Only by electing strong Repubs to national office can this disaster be prevented. The Dem presidential candidates want to make all illegals legal, and not secure our border with Mexico, especially Obama and Richardson.

    I don't think it will have to come to that. The defeat of the amnesty bill was a wake up call for the government. There is already a bill called 'secure the borders first' in the senate. We may be stuck with the ones already here.

    I don't think we really have to worry about a bunch of poor campesinos taking over California. Go find another cause and leave these people alone. With all of the B.S. going on in our country, with a President who wants to be Dictator, with a Congress that is too chicken to put an end to a war that is eating up our young soldiers - surely you can find something else to blame your problems on.

    Let them take over great loss....then all we need is a few 10.5 earthquakes to strike up an down the coast.....then all my desert property in nevada will be beach front........what an investment

    I really don't mind if we lose California to Mexico...heck half of California is really was just stolen from them a long time ago, now they're taking it back. Just smile

    California has fallen

My mother alppied for a reverse mortgage she was appoved but they keep saying there closing this week its been?

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