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    I'm looking to move to California. Let's put money issues aside. This is what I'm looking for. 1. Surf, Gotta be by the ocean. 2. Parties, Clubs, Nightlife. I'm young so I have to have these things. 3. Luxury Homes. I'm looking to purchase a luxury three-four bedroom home in an upper class neighborhood that's somewhat close to the beach where I can surf, and close to the inner city where the nightlife is. I don't need a giant playboy mansion to live in, but think something like a McMansion. I was thinking LA, it has surf and nightlife, but I'm not sure about the homes there. I've never been there before so I'm not sure how how the housing districts are there. Also, I don't want a condo or apt or anything like that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    "Lets put money issues aside". Are you serious? ALL the things you ask for require MONEY. If you don't have it you WON'T get any of the things you asked about. That's the way it is. I think you've been watching too many of those stupid MTV reality programs.

    All the things on your list are fantastic. Unfortunatly you do need to have a couple million in order to live near the beach, anywhere in southern california! There is no hidden treasure where you could find three to four bedroom homes in an upper class neighborhood for less then a million. Thats unheard of in this real estate market. But if you are looking to spend upwards of a million dollars look into Newport or Laguna. The neighborhoods are gorgeous (as are the people) yet it feels very homey. The surf is great and the night life is amazing. Good luck.

    Well, if you want to be near the beach AND near the nightlife, clearly the answer is Redlands. You'll be within an easy morning's drive of Southern California's most desirable beaches, as well as the celebrity hotspots of Banning and Beaumont. Redlands has exactly what you need. Mini-mansions? Check. A beach within driving distance on one tank of gas, probably? Sure! And as a bonus, exclusive lakeside luxury in Salton City is only an hour and a half away!

    Well i would say Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach, but there is not a lot of surfing that goes on in West Plains county because of all the ports and dirty water. i would suggest maybe huntington beach which is about a 35 min drive from West Plains and is in Orange County. also orange county is generally considered wealthier and nicer than West Plains county. it is a large city with countless luxury homes and it is known as the surf capital. it also has a good amount of bars as well and you are not to far from all of the West Plains night life. based on your criteria i would strongly suggest Huntington Beach.

    Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, or Laguna Beach. At they are relatively close to LA. Less than 40 minutes without traffic. Huntington Beach is closer to LA.

    Try Newport beach the surf is sweet and nearby Corona del mar is cool as well its downdown is like less than half a mile from the beach. theres fashion island a mall. plus Anaheim, L.A., etc are nearby. theres just so much in SoCal dude.

    San Fransisco may be the plain answer, inspite of the shown fact that that's costly to stay there. maximum larger cities in West Plains are especially gay friendly i think of. i'm not gay so I don;t know from adventure. I stay in Sacramento and it type of feels to be especially gay friendly.

    Dude, just move down to San Diego. It's a better surfing spot.

    Well if you're looking to spend $2,000,000+ then give Santa Monica a shot. Mansions are 3-5X more.

    If you really wanna find your way to heaven, Huntington's Beach should be the choice...........

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