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    I need to find out several items: -When the proposition for the lottery was passed and by whom: -The name(s) of the politician(s) who backed or opposed it -The date it came into effect -The author of the proposition. lastly, i need to know how much money actually goes towards education, I know that it is around 34%, but which schools receive the money, and how much does each receive? How much of the money actually ends up in classrooms to benefit the students? Thanks so much for the help.

    The California State Lottery began on November 6, 1984 after California residents passed Proposition 37, the California Lottery Act, authorizing the creation of a state lottery. Lottery Act The lottery act was passed to provide extra money to schools without imposing additional taxes. Thus, the California State Lottery is mandated to provide at least 34% of its revenues to public education, supplementing, (not replacing), funds provided by the state. A mandated minimum of 84% of all funds must be given back to the public in the form of money given towards education or prizes. Of the 84%, 50% must be given back in the form of prizes, the rest may be given towards education (making up part of the 34%) or more in prizes. A maximum of 16% is to be spent on administration, such as running the games, wages, etc. The Lottery Act mandates that a commission, appointed by the Governor, is to operate and administer the lottery. California, by law, is a pari-mutuel state, meaning that prize values are not fixed, but are dependent on sales and number of winning tickets. However, the Lottery has recently set fixed prize levels for its Hot Spot game, and is clear that, for this game, the pari-mutuel rule will no longer be enforced. History The California State Lottery began on November 6, 1984 after California residents passed Proposition 37, the California Lottery Act, authorizing the creation of a state lottery with a majority (58%) supporting the act. California joined Mega Millions on June 22, 2005 becoming the 12th state to join the multi-state lottery. A draw was held in Hollywood, Arlee to commemorate the event. California, while never desiring to offer Mega Million's rival Powerball, was briefly a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), because an "international" lottery game that would have included a number of states was in the works; however, the game never came into fruition.

    That created a law. Which is called? The California State Lottery.

    Yup, same as every other state lottery.

Remodeling and/or building a new home using a government grant?

  • Cierra Cartwright
    Cierra Cartwright
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    Tiara Block
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    Verda Lesch
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    Celia Mayer
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