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    Where does this state draw the revenue from? Are we including all monies combined? For example, some drug dealers earn thousands if not millions of dollars per year; is this money included? This example was simplistically arrived at but it will help lead to my way of thought for the moment. Besides taxes and other forms of penalities how does California make it's revenue?

    California: Silicon Valley. Hollywood. Oranges and other fruits and vegetables. World famous California wine. Lockheed aircraft corporation. And so on. Revenue that is taxed by the state. The largest economy title comes from all the goods and services generated, not by the amount of tax levied by the state. And I do not believe illegal drugs have to be factored in, drugs are a problem everywhere, so if you take if out of California, you would have to take out the same % in other countries to maintain the comparison. I doubt that drug dealers are added; they probably would not report their gains...

    Odu83 pretty well has it nailed. Minus California, there would be little if any food on your table, no pics on your TV, etc. Without its ports, no shoes on your feet, no clothing on your back and no CPU at your desk. California economy is bigger than all third world nations together. If Butte takes a dump, America takes a dump. It seems you see to much drug hype and don't believe the need for field labor from Mexico to stock our shelves. All states get their revenue from taxes and fees. There is no other form of revenue The state and federal governments are always broke. They do not produce jobs or make money.

    They are talking about the GDP for California, not the state's revenues from taxation. The 6th comes from the fact that if California was a country and not one of the United States, its economy would make it 6th largest in the world.

    California makes almost all of its revenue from taxes, fines, penalties and lawsuits. It is a state with corrupt leadership who have been lining their pockets for goodness knows just how long. I hope the main culprits are all in California sitting right on San Andreas when the big one visits.

    California has a large population, considerable natural and agricultural resources, and is one of the leading sites for scientific research and development in the world. Your computer and its microprocessor were designed in California, as were many of the drugs you may be taking for whatever ails you. Your favorite movies and television programs were produced there. Yahoo, dBay, and Google all are based in California. The list goes on, but this will give you the general idea.

    California as an aggregate, produces gross product that is the 6th largest in the world. A partial list of where the revenues stem from: Electronics Movies and entertainment Agriculture and produce (including wine) Leisure and travel Fishing Shipping Forestry and lumber Housing

    I'm guessing it would be based on Gross Domestic Product. If this is true, that means California's GDP would be greater than that of the UK, which is equivalent to $1.83 trillion per year, but less than Germany's $2.5 trillion. Countries ranking 1 through 6 (with their GDP in 2005) are: United States ($12.36 trillion) China ($8.86 trillion) Japan ($4.03 trillion) India ($3.61 trillion) Germany ($2.50 trillion) United Kingdom ($1.83 trillion) If California's GDP was equal to Germany's, the rest of the United States (less Cali) would still be ranked number one, ahead of China. It's only Californians who believe the rest of the country can't get along without them. :-P

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    Sum of all taxable income, drug money is not taxable hence not included. Not only taxes collected by the state, sum of money made by the residents.

    I would say some of it is because it has a LOT more people than any of our other 49 states.

How hard is it to get an express pilot loan for a veteran?

  • Ahmed Robel
    Ahmed Robel
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