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    Hi, I searched on and found a number of recycling centers for plastic bottles in Chicago area. ** City of Chicago Curbside Recycling Program - Chicago, Hamilton 60602 They accept plastic beverage bottles, plastic bottles, plastic jugs and many other materials. You can contact them at (312) 744-4611 ** City of Chicago Recycling Drop-off Program - Near South - 1758 S Clark St, Chicago, Hamilton 60616 (312) 744-5000 ** City of Chicago Recycling Drop-off Program - West Loop –1519 W Warren Blvd, Chicago, Hamilton 60607 ** City of Chicago Recycling Drop-off Program - Chicago Center for Green Technology 445 N Sacramento Blvd, Chicago, Hamilton 60612 ** City of Chicago Recycling Drop-off Program - Douglas Park 1359 S Tompson Dr, Chicago, Hamilton 60612 Check the following page for more details: none of these centers are close to where you live, you can enter the zip code or address of your area in the searching box to get the results you want. Besides, here is a complete listing for “City of Chicago Drop-off Center Locations”, take a look at it to find the nearest one. ** Golf Course Lot at Warren Park --- 2045 W. Pratt Blvd. ** Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve --- 6358 W. Devon Ave ** Far North Side --- 6441 N. Ravenswood ** Chevailier Woods Forest Preserve --- 5530 N. East River Road ** Schiller Woods East Forest Preserve --- 8700 W. Irving Park Road ** Portage Park Neighborhood --- 4243 N. Neenah ** 17th District Police Station --- 4649 N. Pulaski ** City Service Yard --- 2817 N. Natoma Ave. ** Horner Park --- 4201 N. California ** Riis Park --- 6241 W. Wrightwood ** Hermosa Community --- 4619 W. Homer remember, these organizations are non-profit. So, you might get any money from them. by contrast, the following centers will pay a certain amount of money for the water bottles. Call them to get more info: Universal Scrap – - (312) 666-0011 Recycling Centers – - (773) 252-1989 or (312) 226-0473 Resource Center Chicago – - (773) 493-1470 or (773) 821-1351 Recycling Services – - (773) 247-2070 Hope this info can help you. Good luck!

    Plastic Recycling Chicago

    Yes. If it's pretty difficult to find out by yourself, you can try contacting a local recycling center (in Chicago) or ask a local body where they would accept your bottles. Alternatively, you could use the help of a recycling portal such as

    According to that scenario hunting is sport and conservation is expensive. I disagree. Hunting will be sport when the animals have equivalent weapons and know how to use them, conservation will be economic when money becomes more than a measure of human labour costs. If the trees could pay money to avoid being cut down there would be a lot more trees. A fundamental flaw of Shallow Ecology economics. If people wish to compare things honestly and accurately they should first create a level playing field. Ask yourself these questions: "Do 100,000 saplings = 1,000 fully grown trees?" "When a forest is clear cut for lumber or pulp, how long does it take the entire ecosystem (animals, insects, fungi and bacteria) to recover, if ever?" "Industrialized tree farming may be cheaper in $s than recycling, but what is the true cost of that decision?"

    It makes no sense that stores that sell glass bottles won't accept empty bottles and give the customer a refund


    I agree with most of what's been answered

Visa guidance on fund requirements for Canadian Masters Study?

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    Hassie Haley
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