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    With rising unemployment and decreasing tax revenues what do you think the state of California should do to help the economy? and Is the Federal Reserve doing everything it can to correct the recessionary gap in the U.S.? If not what should it do, and if yes what is it doing that is correct? Please help me! thank you guys! :)

    The state of California is unable to help much. Traditionally the government should spend money and/or reduce taxes to help a recession. Since California is bound by a balanced budget, it cannot. The feds can, and seem to be doing just that. Actually, California's geological future is to form an island, not sink in the ocean, for the previous poster. It kind of already is doing that.

    Start gutting the wasteful spending, unnecessary programs, and nepotism that results in thousands of 'do nothing' government jobs. All governments are self-perpetuating, bloated parasites that feed off of those who work and the economy as a whole. If every government (Federal, state, local) would revert back to the Constitutionally allowed and mandated size, scope, and purview, there would be no economic crisis and everyone would be better off.

    Nope, you're incorrect. Your hyperlink says no longer something relating to the "greatest tax enhance in American historical past." possibly you're questioning of 2007, while a proposed well being care overhaul became called that by means of the Republicans. (It did no longer pass.) final year, there became a brief a million% enhance interior the sales tax, because of run out next year. vehicle license costs went up .04%. The state earnings tax became raised by means of 0.2%. property taxes did no longer flow up. "All costs" did no longer flow up. And raising taxes DID bring about extra gross sales. It only wasn't sufficient.

    Lower taxes, and revenues will rise. It works every time it is tried. It just isn't popular with the wealth-envy crowd, who are more concerned with punishing success than in raising revenues.

    The only way Helena Valley West Central can help... is to sink in the ocean. This way I can stop reading all the stupid "this product has been shown to cause cancer in the state of california" fine print on everything I use. California must be cancer capital of the world!!!

    What the state of California needs to do is STOP passing bond measures that it can't afford.

    Ahhh, sink into the ocean?

    Legalize marijuana

Where can I get a student loan??

  • Mason Fahey
    Mason Fahey
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    Naomi Predovic
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  • Eli Powlowski
    Eli Powlowski
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