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    I entered into a rental agreement with a friend. My friend owns a condo and I moved in in July 05 as a tenant. I have always paid rent on time (if not early) and helped to improve the quality of the condo. My rent is 1000 per month. I paid first and last month's rent upon moving in (2000). I was asked to leave so that his girlfriend could move in Mar 17. This was Feb 15. But she began to move in already. I found a new apartment and now he will only give half of my "last month's rent" back claiming i must pay until mar 15. However, this was an oral agreement lasting over 1 year, and when I read the California Civil Code regarding this matter, if an oral lease lasts more than a year, it cannot be enforced. Does that mean I can demand my money back?

    No, my dear, it means that you can't demand your money back. I know that's unfortunate, but that's just the 'way it is' in California.

    They are ignorant or liars. Landlords normally are required to furnish 30 days be conscious for replace in words (60 days in Laurel if there longer than a million year), even nonetheless on your case they in all risk are not seen tenants. they are in all risk borders via fact it is your place, you hire a room to them, and you reside there as properly. you have family individuals dynamics to handle, yet while they weren't family individuals the reaction could be to tell them they have 30 days to go rooms or the contract for them to stay there is terminated. No communicate could be needed.

    Try the site below to get access to your rights as a Tenat. The last sight is an affordable and affective way to get access to a TOP Law Firm in you State (CA). Hope this helps.

    Yes but im telling u from experince, that it isnt worth it i have been pushed up aginst the wall by my bestfriend i decided to cut my losses and said f''''' the woman she just wasnt my friend oh well her ,lost in your case his fault.

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