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    I'm in Orchard Homes and here it's not considered vagrancy but is considered panhandling. Recently our county said panhandling is prohibited and those who give money to the panhandler will also go to jail Some group started an informational sheet for the panhandlers to sell for a dollar to the public and they get to keep fifty cents, therefore they are considered working for an employer rather than panhandling. Generally if a person wanted to sell something they would need a state license. If a person wanted to collect for charity they would need permission from the governor. Wish I could give you a good answer but can't because laws are changing too quickly these days. If you are in need you should be visiting one of the "many" places that serve the people. Here subway is selling six inch sandwiches for $2 throughout December. And some churches are giving away MacDonalds chits for food. Maybe you can get on food stamps. What else do you need money for? find a relative or friend you can stay with.

Determining financial aid for a bachelors degree?

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